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Monday, 9 September 2013

Fall Fashion Post: September Sweaters

I l.o.v.e. fall fashion. So much in fact that it even seems to distract me from both the harsh reality of summer ending and the impending doom of winter. There's just something about wrapping yourself in cozy, stylish layers and walking the shops with a spiced Starbucks drink that makes all your cares just melt away. Am I wrong?

This fall, I've been really into this camo green & burgundy combo. I'm not usually one for military style or prints, but it's been everywhere lately. I guess I figured that owning at least one camo print item seemed inevitable at this point so I caved and gave it a try. Definitely have to admit that I'm loving it more than I thought I would. 

As a personal aside, I always need my outfits to have a strong feminine element to them. Though aesthetically I love gender-fuckery & androgyny in fashion, I've always been sensitive about looking too masculine and/or androgynous myself as it was something I was made fun of for a lot when I was younger. I know it's stupid to still be hung up on it, but I would be lying if I denied it's influence on the development of my own fashion sense. Anyways, that being said, with all the masculine elements of this look at play (re: motorcycle jacket, camo print) I tried to femme it up a bit with a sparkly sweater and some fierce shades. What do you think?

Leather jackets are a must for fall, and their biker chic flare is the perfect complement to the badass army print pants. Black booties keep it looking kick ass, while an oversized sweater and cozy infinity scarf are quintessential fall outfit must haves.

I'll admit that when I'm at home I basically live in cozy comfy clothes so I love that during fall you can be cozy and comfy outside of the house as well and it's totally cool. That's why I was instantly drawn to this oversized coffee colored sweater from Romwe that's laced with tiny sequins that catch the sunlight as you walk outside. So gorgeous! See the sweater in detail here if you like.

I added these stone-set earrings from Romwe because they tie in with all the other colors of the outfit, but they also add the most subtle touch of turquoise so they aren't too matchy-matchy (something I still struggle with).

And don't forget to hype me on LookBook if you have an account. I'm just getting started and I'd love some new friends to follow. xo, Meredith Jessica


  1. beautiful pants

  2. You have great fashion sense! I do not have any at all, but I try. I have a hard time putting pieces together and accessorizing. Basically I suck! I wear pants, a shirt and shoes....that's about the extent of my fashion sense! lol!

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  4. Nice outfit!! Love your pants, veste, ├ęcharpe et boucle d'oreille!!

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