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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

15 Minute Day to Night Makeup Tutorial

Raise your hand if you're a busy girl with a hectic work/play schedule who often finds herself rushing from one thing to another with barely any time to get ready. I've definitely found myself in this situation a time or two but about a month ago I had a major time management makeup dilemma. It was my birthday weekend and I had three parties to go to in one day, the first one starting at 11am and the last one starting at 11pm on opposite sides of the city. How was I going to manage to attend each one looking as fresh faced & beautiful as one must look on their birthday? Well, seeing as makeup is one of the biggest time wasters in my getting ready process, I figured I'd just rock one face throughout the day and keep adding makeup as I went along to transition my daytime brunch with family look to a birthday diva evening look. Here's how it went down.

First of all, here's the daytime look I sported. A simple, golden glowing eye look with glowing cheeks and pretty peachy looks to contrast my cobalt blue top. Finish it off with an effortless pony and I was off to my first event. 

By the time I got home, it was closing in on 5:00, and I still needed to nap, change, do my hair and update my makeup. I wanted something that would stand out in the dark atmosphere of a cocktail lounge so I figured I would just deepen the makeup with some dark brown eyeliner and add some extra dramatic lashes and voila! All it would need is a fun pink lip to finish it off and I'd save myself hours in front of the mirror that I could now waste figuring out what the hell to wear. Efficiency!

Finally, here's the tutorial for you to watch! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for this tutorial. I really have learned a lot. I so love the makeup, day to night. Learning this will be very helpful for people like me who is out day to night.

  2. You do a really good job of makeup after day-drinking, I must say. I have to always remember to do my makeup prior to any adult beverages because if I don't the results are very INTERESTING.

  3. (easy on the old girl) LOL!!! ...didn't notice a thing! Never thought to use the mobster like that, that's a tip that won't leave my collection.

    Much like you my day wear is more than most people's night wear but still good info to know. 2 Thumbs way up!! <3

  4. Love watching your tutorials as usual!thank you for sharing!You are absolutely gorgeous!:)

  5. I am fairly new to makeup so I apologize if this question is somewhat "stupid" for a lack of a better word. Would these colors work well on green hazel eyes? Thank you for your great tutorials, love them!