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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hello Pigment Pals. Time for another instalment of Summertime Style. Gotta get them in while I still can, summer's almost gone! Ack! Anyways, this post is picture heavy, but I think you'll be pretty pleased with the photos inside. This post is filled with all kinds of cute clothes from Romwe. I got a few new pieces from them this month and I've had tons of fun trying them on and experimenting with outfits. Take a look!

These are the three pieces I picked from their online store. It's a bit of an ecclectic mix, but I like to be a bit of a chameleon when it comes to clothing. These pieces are all super affordable and very wearable, which is pretty reflective of Romwe's entire collection of clothing & accessories. So I think you'll definitely find something you like. I've also included suggestions for other items you can get if you don't have the pieces you need to recreate these outfits. Enjoy!

If you want to see more information on any of these products, just follow these links:

Now, on to the outfits! I've put together two totally different ones, so you will have to let me know which one you prefer and why in the comments section below. Enjoy!

This outfit is fun, flirty, funky & above all else floral! I absolutely loved the bright colors of this shirt and I knew it would go perfectly with my brand new neon green skater skirt. I paired it with really simple accessories and finished it off with an updo adorned by more roses. Definitely an eye-catcher for summer!

My skirt is homemade (lovingly, by my incredibly multi-talented boyfriend. thanks babe) but if you don't have the time or ability to make your own, Romwe does sell a similar one which you can get by clicking this link here

You can also get similar accessories by picking up a skinny black belt, like this one or a simple little triangle necklace to finish off the look. Romwe has tons of cheap, funky jewelry to choose from so you can pick anything that suits your personal style. See their full selection here

Here are some other awesome accessories that would totally go with this fun floral print shirt:

This vintage print 'Rings and Rabbits' blouse is so sweet! I mean who doesn't want to wear bunnies on their clothes? To keep the old-school feel of the blouse, I wore it with some pretty lace shorts that I've been obsessed with this summer. In contrast to the first outfit, this look is much more suited to ladies who prefer a more neutral palette. Something for everyone! Enjoy.

If I had some extra money to spend, here are some other options I might have gone with:

So tell me, which outfit is more your style? Do you like to get colorful & creative with your clothes or are you a more understated, classic kind of gal? Or neither? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you'll check out Romwe's site to see all their awesome items. xo, Meredith Jessica

Monday, 29 July 2013

Hello Pigment Pals! The theme of today's post is pink, pretty in pink! This colorful, monochromatic look is perfect for beginners because of how simple it is to do but it's also great for girly girls or anyone looking for an ultra romantic look (early Valentine's day look maybe? Like, seven months early?). Pink eyeshadows can be intimidating if you don't know how to tame them, so I hope this post gives you the confidence to try on this most feminine of colors. Pink is your friend, I promise! Come in and see!

My amazing boyfriend got me this pretty flower crown from Forever 21 and I've been wanting to wear it for a while. I wanted to wear it with something that would match it's feminine flowery feel so I created this look that was inspired by soft pink petals. I pulled a lot of my color choices from the headband, which meant I ended up with a full palette of almost exclusively pink products. You can watch the tutorial below to see exactly what I used. 

Sigh, how dreamy is this soft pink look? It's so gorgeous against light blue eyes. I can't wait to wear this look again, and I might even do a white gold shimmer on the center next time to kick it up a notch. All in all though, I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I am curious to see if people like this one as much as my other, very popular, light pink look that I posted way back in 2012. 

The trick here is to balance out your pinks by selecting shades from all over the spectrum; light cool pastels, bright neon corals, subdued warmer tones, soft icy shimmery shades, etc. Then, to tone down all the color, bring in a couple neutral shades to blend everything out. Browns are especially effective at keeping things in check when working with pink eyeshadows, I find. See how I combined everything in the tutorial below: 

Well, that concludes another entry in my ongoing floral inspired series. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hello Pigment Pals! Are you enjoying your summer so far? I certainly am. I don't know about where you are but here it's been absolutely sweltering hot these past few weeks so I've been staying cool indoors when I can and passing the time with a little online shopping. I just got three new pieces from ChicNova that I've been dying to share with you guys.

I'm not the most stylish girl in the world at times (seriously, I have an addiction when it comes to tacky things with leopard print, rainbow colors and/or sequins)  but I'm really proud of this chic, sophisticated outfit and so I've been eager to post pictures of it and share with you what I got to piece it together.

Yeah, all of that for just under $50.00. Cause if there's anything I love more than looking cute, it's saving money and getting sweet clothes for a good price. If you want to see more pictures or info on any of these items, you can check them out at ChicNova's site:

Now on to more pictures and some short thoughts on each separate piece of clothing. Behold:

This skirt has the most interesting bevelled texture to it which catches the light at every angle, thanks to the metallic material it's made of. The best part though, in my opinion is that the stiff material gives the skirt a beautiful bell shape that flares at the waist and flatters the figure by making everything underneath it seem proportionally much smaller. Great for pear shaped ladies like myself. Plus it sits at the natural waist which elongates the legs AND! If that wasn't enough, it only touches you at the waist which means this skirt is absolutely ideal for summer when you don't want any clothing sticking to your hot, sweaty body.

The one downside to the skirt is it's one-size-fits-all elastic waistband which is so not the look. Nothing takes your style down a notch than a pre-school style elastic waistband, amirite? This super chic gold plated belt covers it up beautifully and adds a modern, grown up appeal to the garment. The gold plate wraps halfway around the waist and then turns into a stretchy red band that fits snugly and stays in place. At the back it has a pretty gold clasp which is so much nicer than snaps or velcro that similar belts often use.

I also got this peacock tail inspired necklace to fit under the lapels of my blouse. The gold ties in nicely with the skirt obviously, but the gems add a colorful flare that I think the outfit really benefits from. Plus, having all those different colored gems means you can wear this necklace with just about anything. I don't know about you, but this girl l.o.v.e.s. versatility.

I really love this and I absolutely cannot wait to wear this again. I definitely hope you'll check out ChicNova as you guys get ready for back-to-school fall wardrobe shopping, or even just to spruce up your closet with some cute new pieces. See you guys soon!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

About two weeks ago one of my personal beauty dreams finally came true! Allow me to elaborate; for years I have been lusting after Remy Hair Extensions, but every time I went to actually buy some I was so overwhelmed by all the brands and types and lengths and it was just too much to process so I'd freak out and give up. Not to mention the price, yikes! Some of those bad boys were like 200+ dollars. Ouch!

Well, just the other day a company called contacted me and asked if I'd like to try out some of theirs. Oh my god, I was so excited I can't even explain. Here. Here's a little .gif story to better illustrate my reaction process: When I first got the offer I was like, then when they actually arrived I was like, and when I put them in and saw how gorgeous they were I was like and then I spent the rest of the day walking around my apartment like. Eventually I settled down and got to work reviewing the extensions and then putting them to good use, using them to transform my limp straight hair into some gorgeously girly Taylor Swift curls. Then of course I had to do some makeup to go along with the hair makeover too. Anyways, you'll find it all in the post below. Enjoy! is a hair products website that sells both human & synthetic hair in the form of wigs, extensions, hair pieces, etc plus a whole host of hair products, tools and accessories. They ship internationally and the prices on their site range from as low as a few dollars to as high as a couple hundred dollars, depending on the product; so you're definitely going to find something in your personal price range/budget. They also offer lots of discount & coupon codes and you can get 15% off any order with the Pigments & Palettes exclusive code: MEREDITH15

WHAT YOU GET: I ordered the 24" 9-Piece Silky Straight Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions in Light Chestnut, which you can see here. This set comes with nine different wefts of four different lengths: One 9" weft with 4 clips, one 7" weft with three clips, two 5" wefts with two clips each, and five 1.5" wefts with one clip each. My hair is too thin to support all nine at once but depending on the style I'm going for I use a different combination of 5-6 of them at a time. If nine pieces is too many, they also come in 7 piece sets as well. Here's all nine pieces laid out:

COST: The longer the extensions, the higher the cost. As mine were 24" (which is like suuuuuper long) they retail for around $120, but a 15" pair will only set you back around $40.00. Shipping is free for US orders over $49.00 and for international orders over $79.00. You can also get 15% off your order with the coupon code MEREDITH15

COLORS & STYLES: The extensions come in 8 possible lengths (14", 15", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26") and two different styles (straight & curly/wavy). There are 12 different colors to choose from but if you're ordering the human hair extensions (which I recommend), you can always dye them any color you want so don't worry if they don't have an exact match. I was really surprised at how well mine matched my hair color, I can't even tell the difference between my real hair and my extensions once they are in. They look and feel SO natural it's crazy.

Honestly, now that I have them I'm not sure how I ever lived without them! I don't have any problems growing my hair long but it's never had any body or volume of any kind. Well NOT ANYMORE, bitches! Now I've got the Disney Princess hair I've always dreamed of and it feels so right. 

Once I recovered from my happiness coma and stopped staring lovingly at my new hair in the mirror I figured I'd do a video review of these lovely locks so here you have it.

I styled them into big bouncy Taylor Swift curls which is something I've always wanted to try but was never able to achieve due to my fine, limp hair. Here's a short review of the hair extensions, plus a quick tutorial on how to install and style them. It only takes a few minute to learn the basic techniques and then you can have fun experimenting with different ways to wear them. Here's what I did:

I also did a pretty Taylor Swift inspired look to go along with my new Taylor Swift/Disney Princess hair. It's really very simple and pretty universally flattering so it will suit just about anyone. Can't go wrong with a simple 50's inspired look. Here's some photos, and you can see the makeup tutorial at the end of them. Enjoy!

With just a little bit of makeup and a lot of extra hair, I was able to transform myself into Taylor's signature sweetheart style, complete with her romantic loose curls, gorgeous red lips and super soft eye makeup with flirty lashes. Not a style I wear often but I really do love it now that I've given it a go. Might have to make it a more common occurrence! 

Um. I've rambled enough, so if I had to sum up my feelings about my new extensions as succinctly as possible then here goes:

Thumbs up guys. Effing obsessed with these things. Definitely check out to see which ones suit you best and don't forget to use the 15% coupon code: MEREDITH15 if you do decide to buy some which I hope you do. Then we can both be this happy together.