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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Swagger Cosmetics: Looks, Swatches & Review


After seeing my Wantable box review this January, which included an awesome Swagger Cosmetics eyeshadow, the owner of the brand contacted me to see if I'd be interested in trying out more of the line. Blake generously sent me an assortment of eyeshadows, plus highlighters, bronzer, and glosses so I've been a busy girl testing them all out. We'll get to that in a second but here's a bit about Blake & the company:

"Blake makes all the cosmetics in her new line herself by distilling a unique mixture of Russian literature, hip hop, and elaborate wigs. The resulting highly pigmented colors may cause spontaneous sex changes and if spilled, turn boring things into champagne. They are also 100% vegan, as Blake herself eats exclusively rhinestones and glitter. Swagger insures you are ready for the party, whether the party involves a hot tub, a funeral, or both." - Swagger Cosmetics Website

Now THAT is a mission statement I can get behind. And it only gets better from there. Follow me to the swatches!

 Left to Right: Beach Date Bronzer & Champagne in the Bubble Bath Highlighter.

Of all the things that I received I can tell you that these two products, in combination with the Golden Rose Eyeshadow/Blush I got in my Wantable Box, will be my go-to contour/highlight/blush combo. Champagne in the Bubble Bath is milled so finely that its almost like a gold dust. It's gorgeous and I won't leave my house no without wearing it. Ob. Sessed. If you buy nothing else, buy this. 

 Left to Right: Lollipop and Mango Madness

Left-Right: Ballin Outta Control, Tranny Chaser, Gold Digger, Responsitranity, Birthday Cake, Red Bone, Bieber Fever & Rad Bitch

Okay, my top three faves in order were Rad Bitch (the photos do NOT do it any justice, it's ahmahhhzing. Reflects white or neon pink. I. Die. BUY IT!), Tranny Chaser and Birthday Cake. I loved that they were colors I hadn't really seen or tried before and they are all fairly wearable if you pair them with slightly more neutral shadows. Gotta love that! Despite having an awesome name I didn't care for Responsitranity because I don't have the skin tone to pull it off and it makes my skin look dirty. Ballin', Gold Digger, and Bieber Fever are impressively pigmented and very fun colors that I definitely recommend giving a try. All shadows have superb pigmentation so you can't go wrong there, they blend fairly well and they work beautifully wet or dry. Points for versatility!

I tried to use every single thing that Blake sent me before putting together this post. With the exception of one eyeshadow and one lip-gloss, I succeeded. Let's have a look, shall we?

Look #1: Pretty for St. Patrick's Day 
A festive springtime look with grassy greens and sunshine golds!

Eyeshadows: Ballin' Outta Control (Green; lid), blended with Gold Digger (Gold; lid & crease) and Tranny Chaser (Light Gold; brow highlight) Lashes: Roxy lashes from FAUXX

Look #2: Magnificent Maleficent
Deep jewel tones conjure up a dark magic spell of seduction & sorcery

Eyeshadows: Bieber Fever (purple; inner corner), Ballin Outta Control (green; lid), Red Bone (red; crease), Rad Bitch (duochrome white/pink; brow highlight & inner corner highlight) Lashes: Violet Noir lashes from FAUXX

Look #2: Chocolate Red Velvet
Burnt reds & bronzed metallics are a delicious treat to gaze upon

Eyeshadows: Birthday Cake (red; lid), Tranny Chaser (light gold; lower lid), Champagne in the Bubblebath (highlight; browbone & inner eye corner) Lashes: Vixen lashes from FAUXX

Face: Beach Date (bronzer for contouring), Golden Rose (blush on cheeks), Champagne in the Bubble Bath (highlighting on nose, cheeks & forehead), Mango Madness (lip gloss).

I'll admit that any brand that names their eyeshadows after RuPaul songs is already getting bonus points in my book, but I will try my best to be objective despite my bias for all things drag inspired. Here's my pro/con breakdown:

Pros: The owner is the sweetest, nicest person ever and is so helpful and kind. Affordable prices. Easy to blend. Highly pigmented. Vegan/cruelty free. Rad Bitch & Champagne in the Bubble Bath will change your life. Shadows have amazing pigmentation and don't need a lot of assistance from primers/bases. Fun names, cute packaging, and you can make your own custom colours!! I desperately want to order some and give them amazing names like "Sashay/Shante" and "Paris is Burning".

Cons: There isn't a huge selection of shadows (but what colors they do have are top notch). Also the lip glosses, while gorgeous, don't want to stay contained in their containers and have leaked all over my makeup drawer if not stored upright. One of my cats stepped in the sticky mess and left pink paw prints all over the house. Cute, but messy as hell. Both nitpicks but I have to be fair and balanced. I subtracted a half-point for each of these small issues.

Well, I hope you'll check out the website and try a few of these shades out for yourself! It's always great to support dedicated indie brands who will go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction and Swagger Cosmetics is no exception. If you do decide to buy, use this 10% off coupon code made specially for my readers!



  1. oooh, stunning. I want to love Beiber Fever but I just can't bring myself to do it.

  2. These are beautiful! Wow that green and purple really pop. You are looking beautiful as always!

    I've seen Wantable but haven't taken the plunge yet since I have so many subs already.

  3. P.S. I feel like I should buy Tranny Chaser just to say I have an eyeshadow named that lol

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  5. the colors are amazing!

  6. Beautiful looks you've created. Would love to see more eye photos of you looking down so we can see more of the makeup. :-)

  7. gorgeous looks. The makeup looks stunning in both looks. Great review!!


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    please check out my MAKEUP blog <3

  9. Your eye looks are so gorgeous!

  10. The highlighter looks lovely. And a small thing but I really like the company logo.

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