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Monday, 1 April 2013

Dupe the Look M.A.C. vs. Makeup Geek - Part II: Prom Edition

Since last year's 'Dupe the Look' post, I've had tons of requests to find more Makeup Geek dupes of MAC products. As the Makeup Geek product line slowly expands, this is getting easier and easier to do. Since prom season is just around the corner and since prom can get pretty pricey, I thought this would be the perfect time to show you how you can save money on your makeup and put your makeover savings towards other indulgences like your dress, hair, limo, etc. Keep on reading to see how insane the savings are when you know which cheap substitutes to use!

I found this fabulous smokey eye M.A.C. face chart called 'Blue Flame' on and I thought it would be a lot of fun to recreate, so that's what I'm basing this post around. I should state that this post is not an attack on M.A.C. products. I know they are fabulous, but for some of us they simply aren't affordable. Here's the breakdown of all the M.A.C. products that the face chart called for and which Makeup Geek products I used in their place. Take a look:

That's a savings of $128.00! Are you kidding me??? You could literally buy doubles of every single duplicate on this list and it would still be cheaper than springing for one of each original. And you don't miss out on quality at all. Here's how my cheap version of the look turned out.

Chloe Lashes courtesy of FAUXX Lash
Now you can look name brand fabulous for a fraction of the cost! Who doesn't want that? Even if you're not attempting your own make up for prom, you can still bring in these pictures to show your make up artist if you're getting your makeup done professionally. I like this look for prom because it's got that sultry, sexy look that everyone seems to want but it's still interesting and eye-catching enough to stand out from the rest. As an added bonus, here's the dress that I would pair it with:

You can find this gorgeous dress and lots other amazing ones like it at the Camille la Vie website.

Even if you're not of prom age anymore I hope you still found this post interesting and informative. Just remember that no matter what the occasion, you should never have to break the bank to look beautiful. If you have any questions about this post or how I recreated the look please comment here or reach me at any of my social media channels. Love you all!


  1. This look is fantastic!!
    I've just loved the eye makeup... And the price of makeup geek's products is really good!!!
    Congrats for your post!!
    Kisses from Gaby -

  2. o wow Jessica , informative & precious post , you're lukin gorgeous as always <3

  3. This is so pretty! I love the bright blue on the waterline!


  4. You're right it is definitely possible to look great for relatively small amount of money :) I love that make up you've presented and the dress is also nice :)

  5. That liner looks amazing! It is great to be able to recreate looks for a fraction of the price, MUG products look really good. I've always enjoyed her youtube vids! :)

  6. Stunning as always, and a steal of a deal! xo

  7. Beautiful,and cheap thnx to M.U.G products.

  8. I am also a huge fan of MUG! I love this dupe, and this look is really eye catching. Stunning! Thank you for this awesome post!