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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hey you lipstick lovers and fashion fiends, today's post is a clash of my two loves: clothes & makeup. And what better way to show off my love of makeup than by literally wearing it on my sleeve. I mean, come on now, how adorable is this lipstick blouse that I got from Persunmall?! Pair it with some pin-up makeup (I followed my 1920's makeup tutorial, and just swapped the burgundy lip for a bright red one) and little leather shorts and you're good to go! So cute!

FOREVER21 | Shorts & Jacket,    THRIFTED | Shoes & Clutch

FOREVER21 | Geometric Necklace

I also got a few more things from the site that I wanted to show off. This cute cropped t-shirt is so summer! I can't wait until the weather warms up and I can wear it over a bikini to the beach, but until then I covered up with a cropped leather jacket and some fun colored pants, Rihanna style - complete with Rihanna themed makeup too!

THRIFTED | Gold Chain Necklace

Since the whole outfit was Rihanna inspired, I decided to do my own (very loosely) interpreted version of her 'Who's that Chick' makeup look to go with the swaggy urban vibe of the outfit. I think the colors are a bit harsh for my much lighter complexion but it was still a fun look to do none the less.


If you really loved any of the items you saw here, click the pictures to buy directly from the retailers:

 Happy Shopping! xoxo,

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lately it seems like everyone's been going crazy for the Roaring 20's, what with the popularity of Boardwalk Empire & the re-release of The Great Gatsby. Just this past weekend I attended a 20's themed charity event and got all dolled up in my prohibition finest, so much fun! I loved the look so much I just had to share it with you all. I will say that it's a much more modern version of some 1920's makeup techniques, so it's not 100% authentic but it's still beautiful. Take a look!

I wanted to keep the powdery porcelain foundation of the era so I used my brand new Belletto Studio Airbrush for the skin and I have to say it turned out incredible, flawless matte coverage with only ten drops of formula. I'll be filming a review of it soon so you can see it in action but it really does a wonderful job. First time I've never had to use concealer on blemishes after foundation.

Of course I also had to keep the signature deep red lip. Not something I really do often but I must say ... I really love how it turned out and I might have to rock red lips a lot more often. To get the perfect lip color I lined my lips with Annabelle Burgundy Lip Liner, then filled them in with Makeup Geek's Lipstick in Luscious, blended everything together with Rimmel's Berry Queen lip color and set it all with Makeup Geek's Eyeshadow in Bitten to get a matte finish. 

The eye makeup I modernized. A truly authentic 1920's eye is a mix of dark, sooty greys and blacks with thin, long, drooping brows. It goes against pretty much every modern beauty standard we have today and it's just not very flattering. So, that being said. I stuck to the same palette of colors but I only brought the blacks and greys in a quarter of the way. I also said to hell with it and threw on some fake lashes because dammit, I love fake lashes and I won't be denied them. These ones are the Lolita's from Swagger Cosmetics

I considered covering my brows and going for the authentic Clara Bow brow, but after I did some research on the makeup artistry of Boardwalk Empire and the Great Gatsby films I noticed that most every day women didn't wear the thin, black brows that we so often associate with the time period. So, I opted for something a little more natural looking that's more universally flattering. To get them perfect I used my new all time favorite product - the Anastasia Brow Genius Kit. I got it about a month ago and not a day has gone by since that I haven't done my brows with it. 

And finally, I styled my look with a soft, curly updo, long strands of pearls, some dangly art deco earrings and a fur bolero. All in all not 100% authentic, but definitely 100% beautiful and updated to work for any modern woman.

So, whether you're dressing up, going as a flapper for Halloween, or just love experimenting with vintage beauty trends, I hope you enjoyed this post & tutorial! xoxo, Meredith Jessica

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Today's post is the second instalment of my Spring Style Report on stripes, courtesy of, the online fashion retailer. Yesterday I showed off my stunning vertical striped blouse and today I'm featuring a true summer staple: the maxi dress. 

I absolutely live for maxi dresses in the summer, especially fun slinky ones like this one with horizontal stripes. Better still, it's perfect for layering so you can wear it solo or throw on a t-shirt or blouse over top to instantly update the look to something fancier! Check it out.

CHOiES | Striped Maxi Dress,   ALDO | Purse & Sandals

ALDO | Black Ring,   ValueVillage | Lion Door Knocker Belt

FOREVER21 | Beaded Necklace

ValueVillage | Thrifted Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

Or, ditch the blouse for a jacket and you have a super casual daytime dress look that you can wear anywhere! Comfy, cute & versatile. What's not to love?

CHOiES | Striped Maxi Dress,  H&M | Cropped Denim Jacket

I know that horizontal stripes aren't flattering to every body type, so there are dresses available on the site that are exactly like this one in solid colors. I definitely recommend checking them out and adding one to your summer wardrobe. Cheap, comfy and cute is a no brainer for me! And don't forget that first time orders get an additional 20% off just for signing up! Happy shopping!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I'm so excited to share this post with you guys, because today is my first foray into fashion blogging! I'm by no means a model or a seasoned fashionista but I do l.o.v.e. to get dressed up whenever I go out so this was a lot of fun for me and I hope to do more posts like it very soon! is an online fashion retailer that sells trendy and affordable clothing, accessories, jewelry and more. They gave me $80.00 to spend and I got two great pieces. The first thing I chose was this fabulous striped blouse, because an item this versatile never goes out of style.

It's timeless, chic and slimming which makes it a fabulous wardrobe staple to have on hand for any occasion. Simply switching up the accessories will allow this outfit to transition seamlessly from casual to formal, or even professional. I'll show you four other ways to wear this blouse at the end of the post but for now, here's how I styled it. | Striped Wrap Blouse ($36.99) 

Here you can see some of the detailing of the blouse. Because this is a wrap blouse (meaning no buttons, clasps, zippers, etc) with a very, very deep neckline you absolutely must wear something underneath. I chose a black sequin tank, but any basic camisole will do just fine. There's also a faux pocket flap on the left breast but no actual pockets anywhere, so be sure to style this with a cute clutch to carry all your necessities in. 

H&M | Blue Skinny Jeans ($12.95)

Since Springtime in Canada is basically "Winter: The Sequel", I wore this out with long pants and a Military pea coat to keep warm but you can style this shirt almost any way you want.

Here are some other ways you might want to wear it. Which one is your favorite?

There's literally no limit to the ways that you can wear this blouse! Dress it up, dress it down, wear it with pants, shorts, skirts, layer it over pieces and under pieces, your style options are limitless. Every girl needs a shirt this versatile in her closet! Not to mention, stripes were all over the Spring '13 runways which means this shirt is totally on trend for the coming months. Get yours at CHOiES today, and if it's your first time ordering, you'll get 20% off. Bonus!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Whenever the weather starts to warm up, I always get antsy to put away all my warm winter clothes and start fantasizing about all the cute outfits I will wear now that the sun is out again. This inevitably leads to fantasy shopping, and most recently I've been loving & lusting over these items that I found at 

Classy, cute & chic Set for Summer 2013

I absolutely love these items for fun, flirty spring days and warm summer evenings! Neutrals and pretty pastels mixed with airy fabrics are perfect for the easy breezy days ahead. Summer, come fast please!

Sassy Swinging Sixties Set for Summer 2013

The S/S13 runways were flush with homages to the swinging sixties this season, so expect to see this trend trickle down into stores near you very soon. Whether it's bold checkered prints, bright colors, patent Mary Janes or pixie inspired peter pan collar necklines there's no escaping the influence of the free love generation!

Glorious Gilded Gold Set for Summer 2013

King Midas and I have something in common, a love of all things gold! I simply can't help myself when it comes to this magnificent metallic and I incorporate it into almost all of my outfits ... and still I want more! 

- - - - - - 

Okay, now that my imaginary credit card is totally maxed out, I should get back to doing some actual work so I can maybe afford some of these adorable pieces! What are you dying to get your hands on this summer season? Tell me in the comments and leave links!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

After seeing my Wantable box review this January, which included an awesome Swagger Cosmetics eyeshadow, the owner of the brand contacted me to see if I'd be interested in trying out more of the line. Blake generously sent me an assortment of eyeshadows, plus highlighters, bronzer, and glosses so I've been a busy girl testing them all out. We'll get to that in a second but here's a bit about Blake & the company:

"Blake makes all the cosmetics in her new line herself by distilling a unique mixture of Russian literature, hip hop, and elaborate wigs. The resulting highly pigmented colors may cause spontaneous sex changes and if spilled, turn boring things into champagne. They are also 100% vegan, as Blake herself eats exclusively rhinestones and glitter. Swagger insures you are ready for the party, whether the party involves a hot tub, a funeral, or both." - Swagger Cosmetics Website

Now THAT is a mission statement I can get behind. And it only gets better from there. Follow me to the swatches!

 Left to Right: Beach Date Bronzer & Champagne in the Bubble Bath Highlighter.

Of all the things that I received I can tell you that these two products, in combination with the Golden Rose Eyeshadow/Blush I got in my Wantable Box, will be my go-to contour/highlight/blush combo. Champagne in the Bubble Bath is milled so finely that its almost like a gold dust. It's gorgeous and I won't leave my house no without wearing it. Ob. Sessed. If you buy nothing else, buy this. 

 Left to Right: Lollipop and Mango Madness

Left-Right: Ballin Outta Control, Tranny Chaser, Gold Digger, Responsitranity, Birthday Cake, Red Bone, Bieber Fever & Rad Bitch

Okay, my top three faves in order were Rad Bitch (the photos do NOT do it any justice, it's ahmahhhzing. Reflects white or neon pink. I. Die. BUY IT!), Tranny Chaser and Birthday Cake. I loved that they were colors I hadn't really seen or tried before and they are all fairly wearable if you pair them with slightly more neutral shadows. Gotta love that! Despite having an awesome name I didn't care for Responsitranity because I don't have the skin tone to pull it off and it makes my skin look dirty. Ballin', Gold Digger, and Bieber Fever are impressively pigmented and very fun colors that I definitely recommend giving a try. All shadows have superb pigmentation so you can't go wrong there, they blend fairly well and they work beautifully wet or dry. Points for versatility!

I tried to use every single thing that Blake sent me before putting together this post. With the exception of one eyeshadow and one lip-gloss, I succeeded. Let's have a look, shall we?

Look #1: Pretty for St. Patrick's Day 
A festive springtime look with grassy greens and sunshine golds!

Eyeshadows: Ballin' Outta Control (Green; lid), blended with Gold Digger (Gold; lid & crease) and Tranny Chaser (Light Gold; brow highlight) Lashes: Roxy lashes from FAUXX

Look #2: Magnificent Maleficent
Deep jewel tones conjure up a dark magic spell of seduction & sorcery

Eyeshadows: Bieber Fever (purple; inner corner), Ballin Outta Control (green; lid), Red Bone (red; crease), Rad Bitch (duochrome white/pink; brow highlight & inner corner highlight) Lashes: Violet Noir lashes from FAUXX

Look #2: Chocolate Red Velvet
Burnt reds & bronzed metallics are a delicious treat to gaze upon

Eyeshadows: Birthday Cake (red; lid), Tranny Chaser (light gold; lower lid), Champagne in the Bubblebath (highlight; browbone & inner eye corner) Lashes: Vixen lashes from FAUXX

Face: Beach Date (bronzer for contouring), Golden Rose (blush on cheeks), Champagne in the Bubble Bath (highlighting on nose, cheeks & forehead), Mango Madness (lip gloss).

I'll admit that any brand that names their eyeshadows after RuPaul songs is already getting bonus points in my book, but I will try my best to be objective despite my bias for all things drag inspired. Here's my pro/con breakdown:

Pros: The owner is the sweetest, nicest person ever and is so helpful and kind. Affordable prices. Easy to blend. Highly pigmented. Vegan/cruelty free. Rad Bitch & Champagne in the Bubble Bath will change your life. Shadows have amazing pigmentation and don't need a lot of assistance from primers/bases. Fun names, cute packaging, and you can make your own custom colours!! I desperately want to order some and give them amazing names like "Sashay/Shante" and "Paris is Burning".

Cons: There isn't a huge selection of shadows (but what colors they do have are top notch). Also the lip glosses, while gorgeous, don't want to stay contained in their containers and have leaked all over my makeup drawer if not stored upright. One of my cats stepped in the sticky mess and left pink paw prints all over the house. Cute, but messy as hell. Both nitpicks but I have to be fair and balanced. I subtracted a half-point for each of these small issues.

Well, I hope you'll check out the website and try a few of these shades out for yourself! It's always great to support dedicated indie brands who will go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction and Swagger Cosmetics is no exception. If you do decide to buy, use this 10% off coupon code made specially for my readers!