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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Review: Bold & Beautiful Kit

Today's post is big one! Four face charts, three looks, swatches and a review all generously brought to you by one of my personal favorite cosmetics companies, Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have loved this brand ever since they sent me product from their Illumin8 line about a year ago, and I've been a loyal customer ever since. So of course when they asked me if I would like to try out their latest line, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. Anyways, today I'm going to be reviewing their Bold & Beautiful Kit which will be available Spring 2013 at Ulta, Sephora & Nordstroms stores. Let's take a look inside this beauty book ...

Here's what Anastasia herself has to say about her latest collection and how it was inspired by some of literature's leading ladies like Katniss, Anna Karenina, and others:
"I love the idea of the possibilities in a book. That's why I have never defined beauty by one look or attitude. For me, it varies depending on how I'm feeling, what I'm wearing or where I'm going. Makeup sets the stage for how I want to be read that day. That being said, I created the Bold and Beautiful Kit to offer a collection that creates beautiful and balanced looks focusing exclusively on the eyes and the brows, which are the keys to glamour ... Simply put, if your brows and eyes are done correctly, you will look fabulous. Bold and Beautiful. It's beauty by the book." - Anastasia
When you combine Vol. 1 - Bold Brows and Vol. 2 - Beautiful Eyes, you can create an endless array of subtle daytime, or glamour evening looks. The press kit also included four face charts, each inspired by a different leading lady from one of literature's great books. I've recreated each one for you and included a quick tutorial for each one as well. And as you can see, there's literally a look for everyone. But first, let's have a look at the kit & its colors.

 And here are the swatches, for reference:

L-R: Matte Light Nude, Shimmery warm peach, Matte warm brown, Sparkly Dark Brown with copper flecks

The first look/face chart for the kit is the 'New Money' Smokey Eye, inspired by Daisy from The Great Gatsby. You can bet that with the Great Gatsby movie coming out this summer, everyone is going to be wanting to copy the film's romantic 1920's makeup style and this palette is perfect for that. Using the second and fourth shades in Beautiful Eyes, create a soft, blended effect that is so stunning but so subtle. Finally a smokey eye that looks gorgeous, not garish, in the light of day. What I loved most about this combo was that the peach base of this look warmed up the brown color to create a beautiful mauve tone in the crease of the eye.

I paired this look with my new favorite daytime lashes, the Miranda FAUX lashes. They complemented the makeup flawlessly, without overpowering the subtle look as false lashes often do. You can also see how beautifully my brows turned out thanks to the Anastasia Brow powder filling them in perfectly and the brow pomade helping them keep their ideal arched shape. I'm already convinced that the New Money Smokey eye will be my go-to daytime look for Spring 2013.

In the style of the Hunger Games' no-frills heroine Katniss, the second look is all about effortless beauty. A barely there nude eyeshadow all over the lid is accented by some light smudging of dark brown along the lashes for an all natural look that feels as if you're almost wearing nothing at all. A fabulous look for beginners or girls who hate to look overdone, this look is great for everyday, and is neutral enough to suit any eye color. Plus, it takes almost no time at all to achieve so you can get back to spending your time on more important things like choosing between Peeta or Gale.

Because this look is all about being natural, the brows aren't as groomed this time around. By skipping the pomade the brows are free to move which lets them look a little more unkempt and natural. Just comb through with the brow spool, use the powder to fill in any bare areas and you're done. I added my Roxy FAUX lashes for some extra fullness to compensate for my pathetic natural lashes.

The third face chart is based on yet another literary heroine with a movie out this year, the classic Russian beauty Anna Karenina. This look is one of the two evening looks that the palette suggests and probably my favorite of the two. Using only two eyeshadows and lots of blending, this neutral smokey eye is not only timeless and fitting for any evening occasion but flattering to all eyes as well.

Anastasia suggests pairing smokey eyes with a lighter brow, that way the eye makeup can stand out and the eyes don't look too heavy. So for this look, just a quick brush through with a light pencil and powder should finish the look off nicely. And as always, I amped up the look with some fab falsies, my FAUX lashes in Bianca. They have the length and drama for an evening eye without being overly dramatic or appearing too fake.

This was a beautiful face chart but I didn't recreate this look. For me, a girl with big saucer round eyes, cat eye makeup is hard to pull off. I've attempted it a few times but it just looks silly on me, I usually end up looking more Amy Winehouse than anything. So, I opted out of this one. It is however another beautiful night look that would be great for girls who have elongated, small, or hooded eyes. If you want to amp up the drama even more, I would recommend pairing this look with FAUX lash Dark Slant lashes. They are the quintessential, complimentary lashes for any cat-eye look.

Well, I don't think that this will come as any huge surprise but this product/collection is an A+ for me. The eye shadows are top quality as always, and there's simply nobody in the business who does brows better than Anastasia. I think the kit is especially suited to women who want a simple, no fuss kit that will give them everything they need and nothing more for makeup of any occasion. Perfect brows every time, plus a color palette that is sophisticated and chic yet understated enough that it can easily be dressed down or up, depending on your personal preference - it's one stop shopping for refined glamour. Plus, this cute kit is stylish and small enough to carry around with you on a night out so you can touch up anytime. Even the tools they provide are usable (I'll always prefer my real brushes, but the ones that are provided are very good). Have you tried this kit? Have you tried other Anastasia products? Did you like this review? Let me know in the comments! xo, Meredith Jessica


  1. Looks so chic!!! I'd love to have it in my kit... Not only I loved the exquisite color selection, we share the same name with the founder of this brand: Anastasia ;)

  2. These looks are all so pretty!!!

    Kimberley x (I have an international giveaway running if you want to enter)

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    I love your makeup

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