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Monday, 11 February 2013

Hi everyone! Today's post is a really simple natural makeup look. Despite what people think, a flawless natural face is one of the hardest looks to achieve. It's something that I still struggle with myself sometimes. That being said, I am definitely improving with practice! So, I wanted to share some tips & tricks for natural looking makeup!

One of the most important things to realize is that less isn't always more when it comes to natural makeup. Yes, you will probably be wearing less makeup than if you were going out, but it still takes a lot of product to look naturally flawless. For me, it's about knowing what complements your natural features and coloring. When you choose shades that are close to your natural color and tone, you'll be amazed at how much product you can get away with while still looking very natural.  First, find out where you are on a chart like this one:

A lot of the time people are mistaken in thinking that pale = cool and tan/dark = warm. I was one of those people and it's one of the reasons that I was buying the wrong foundations for so many years. Personally, I am in the uppermost right hand corner of this chart. I'm very fair but with warm undertones. That means that to complement my skin tone I need to use products that also have warm undertones. Observe:

As someone who is fair with warm yellow undertones, Apricot is my perfect natural color. It sits on the right (i.e. warm) side of the color wheel and contains enough yellow/orange to complement my skin tone. Additionally, the subtle orange undertones of Apricot complement my copper hair while setting off the contrasting blue of my eyes. Finally, because my skin is so fair, I need lighter colors that won't  overpower my features with intense pigmentation. If your skin is darker, you can get away with bolder tones as they won't show up as strongly on your skin. Know your colorwheel, kids. It's your best friend!! Here's a lovely one to use for reference:

Hi! I'm a color wheel. I'm your best friend. I tell you exactly what to wear to make you look your best!
So, as you can see - once you know where you sit in terms of skintones, it's easy to find the shades that will most perfectly accentuate your coloring.

  • If you're warm toned, stick to colors on the right hand side of the wheel
  • If you're cool toned, stick to colors on the left hand side of the wheel
  • If you are fair skinned, select the colors closest to the middle
  • If you are dark skinned, select colors towards the outer edges of the wheel
  • To emphasize your eyes, find the color on the wheel that most closely matches them and then select a color directly across from it to wear on your lids. 

Ultimately, you can wear whatever colors you want because rules are meant to be broken ... but they do also act as a very helpful guideline for being your most beautiful, natural you!

Finally, here's a tutorial that has some helpful hints for how to apply makeup in the most natural, subtle way possible so even if you're wearing a lot of makeup, people will think you just woke up looking flawless!

Hopefully you found some information in this post that will help give you the confidence to go 'all natural'! Bare it all my beauties!

Monday, 4 February 2013

February has arrived! So you know what that means ... Valentine's day! Even if you're not romantically inclined, there's always something to enjoy about Valentine's day. You can wear pink, have dinner with friends, binge on sweets, or just get dolled up. Whether you're being spoiled by your boo, or spoiling yourself, you should definitely treat yourself to this dreamy pink and purple look. It's romantic enough for a date, but subtle enough to wear anytime, and easy enough for even a beginner to try. Enjoy!

I went the sweet and girly route for this Valentine's day look. I was inspired by Hilary M's similar look 'Sensuous' but wanted to try and make it a bit softer. Subtle purples and pinks combine to create a dreamy, romantic look that will make you feel pretty but not overdone. Even better, this look can easily transition from day to night - just darken the inner and outer corners if you want to add some sultry sex appeal in the evening.

Isn't it romantic! Doesn't it just make you want to listen to Taylor Swift and ... just me? Okay, never mind. Anyways, just for fun ... here's some flirty, festive accessories and attire to inspire you to get you in the mood for going out this Valentine's day. 

Hershey's Hugs & Kisses,