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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Five Minute Makeup Tutorial: Easy Indigo Smokey Eyes

Has this ever happened to you? You're sitting at home in your relaxation uniform, you know the one; old sweats, oversized t-shirt, slippers, ratty hair, no makeup, food on your chin ... when all of a sudden some last minute plans come up and you have to be out the door in under an hour. PANIC! Well, last Thursday I got an unexpected call from a friend who wanted to meet for dinner downtown at 7:00. This meant I had almost no time to deal with the natural disaster that was my face at the time. Well, when in doubt ... smoke it out! Seriously once you master the basic technique(s) there's nothing simpler or safer for a going out go-to look than a monochrome smokey eye. If you want to make it a little bit more exciting, try it in a color other than black or brown. I did mine in a deep indigo blue using only a handful of cheap products. Here's how it turned out.


To balance out the deep dark look of the eyes I wore a barely there lip color and skipped blush completely, substituting it for a light dusting of bronzer (my skin needs all the color it can get during the hellish, sunless depths of winter in Canada).

For clothes, here's what I suggest wearing/pairing this look with. A look this simple is very versatile which means you can dress it up or down, but I think it really lends itself best to a 'groomed grunge' aesthetic. I have the great fortune of dating an amazing guy who also just so happens to be a visual merchandiser at Forever 21 which means he's constantly bringing me home clothes (I don't know what I ever did to be so lucky). Most recently he got me this bad ass graphic t-shirt of a roaring tiger. I've been dying to wear it ever since he brought it home and I thought this would be the perfect occasion so here's a rough recreation of what I wore. Smokey eyes & studded boots. If there's a better combination, I haven't found it yet. 

Easy Rider: Round out your biker chic style with some feathers & studs for an All American aesthetic with attitude.
Throw on a leather jacket, tease out your ponytail, and you're officially the baddest bitch in town. From frumpy to fabulous in an hour flat, Pigments and Palettes style!


  1. Really beautiful and wasome vídeo! Thaks!


  2. Gorgeous! Love it with the demin shirt you're wearing as well, great combo!

  3. Fantastic color! And you look great.

  4. brilliant thanks for sharing x

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Linda a make, amo esse tom de azul! E adorei as opções de look. :D

    Adorei conhecer seu blog, gostaria de convidar-te a conhecer o meu, pode ser!? Se gostar siga ;)

    Beijos queridaa! <3

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  7. Hidee ho hot stuff!
    Hope you are having an awesome Tuesday!
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    Ciao ciao for now~

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