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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Welcome to the (very belated) July installment of my blogger of the month series. My sincerest apologies to Cecilie who I was supposed to feature that month. For the past year (oh my god I can't believe it's been a full year) I have recognized a blogger whose work I truly admire and respect. Each month I have included an interview as well as a gallery of their best work. And, as a special treat, I have commissioned an exclusive look for the monthly 'Pigments & Palettes Challenge'. The final blogger I've decided to feature is:

Cecilie is the Adidas of beauty bloggers/makeup artists; she's a true original. Her work has such a distinct style & feel that it's instantly recognizable and completely unmistakeable. Her bold style, bright looks and crazy creativity sets her apart from practically everyone else in the blogging world. Though I'm SURE you've probably already seen her amazing work featured somewhere on the web by now, I want to be one of a long line of people paying my respects to her incredible artistic talent. Take a look at more of her looks after the jump and let her tell you a little bit about herself. I want to thank Cecilie for participating this month. Please go check out her blog, you won't regret it!

Here is the fun summer color palette I gave to Cecilie and this is the beautiful look she came up with!

July Palette Challenge: 'Cocktail Brights' c/o

What do you like the most and the least about being a beauty blogger?

The thing I like the most is to do what I think is fun (creating makeup looks) and hopefully inspire people with my looks! :) I love to get feedback on them and talk to fellow makeup lovers! The thing I like the least about being a beauty blogger, is that it can sometimes be stressful. You really want to post something every other day, but it's not always possible! ^-^ 

What are the three most important things for people to know about you? 

1. I'm very determined. When I first start something, I go for it, do the best I can and finish what I've started. This might be school tasks, a job, a makeup look etc

2. I'm a perfectionist. When I start something, I don't just finish it, it has to be perfect too. This is both good and bad. It's very stressful and tiring, but I get a good result.

3. Doing a makeup is what calms me down if I'm stressed. Then I'm just having a good time, experimenting with- and looking at pretty colors! <3

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? 

Maybe that my biggest passion, next to makeup, is to dance! <3 Especially Hip hop and Funk. I've taken dancing lessons since I was 7. It just gives me the greatest feeling! ^-^

Describe your beauty philosophy in a six word sentence.
Makeup is art for creative souls! <3

What would you say is most unique/different about your blog & looks?
That has to be my colorful, glittery and always extreme looks, that most people wont wear every day!  I just have fun with my makeup and I like experimenting with different color combinations, textures, glitters, pearls and so on! That's mostly what my blog consist of: Crazy, over the top makeup looks! I hope people find them pretty too, though! ;D

If you could design a makeup look for anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
That has to be Nicki Minaj! I just LOVE her music, style and makeup! <3 I would love to create a crazy, fun makeup look, that would go perfect with one of her fabulous outfits, in a fierce and candy- like music video! That would be awesome!! xD 

What's your biggest personal success so far (blogging or otherwise)?
To capture the guy that I think is the best, sweetest and most gorgeous boyfriend in the world! ^-^ 

What are some of your favorite blogs to read or be inspired by?
I love so many! :) Yours, Grzee, Katie Alves, Bows and Curtseys, Unique- Desire, Make up by Siryn and many more! :D Other bloggers always inspire me!

What was the first look you ever posted and what do you think of it now?
The first look I ever posted was for a Makeup Geek weekly challenge. I think it was in May, last year. I did an Arabic inspired makeup look. When I look at it now, I think it looks ok... My eyelashes were a bit loose, though and my eyebrows were super thick. I recreated the look a few months later and could see that I had become better at both blending and applying falsies! ;D

What’s the one look you like the most or are the most proud of and why?
The one look I am the most proud of is my "Glitter Claw" look. For some reason, people like that look a lot! The positive feedback I got from that look, made me want to keep on going and challenge myself to do better makeup looks. I don't think I've managed to do a better one yet, though! :P

What's one piece of advice you would give to a beginner beauty blogger? - Rachel, July
Don't feel like you have to do the same type of looks that other makeup bloggers do. Create what you like and looks that make your blog unique. Always be honest with your readers and other bloggers! Try to get as many people as possible find your blog, by posting your makeup looks on different makeup communities and on facebook! :)

Now I need to know:


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wow. Okay, so. I know I have a lot of explaining to do. What was supposed to be a two week hiatus turned into a whole summer long vacation but I have been SO busy you have no IDEA! In a good way of course, but busy none the less. ANYWAYS! I'm back, and I come bearing exciting news! To celebrate my return I'm having a party, and you're all invited! A giveaway party that is, hosted by BH Cosmetics and They have both collaborated to give me a Limited Edition BH Party Girl palette that I can now proudly giveaway to you guys as a humble apology for disappearing all summer. Do you forgive me??? I hope so! Now, on to what matters most, the prize! Julissa, tell them what they'll win....

One lucky winner will take home this gorgeous Limited Edition BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette!
"This 40 Color BH Party Girl Eyeshadow Palette was made to fulfill the ultimate socialite's dreams. Whether you want to go for flirty or cosmopolitan, this makeup palette contains must-have shimmer & matte shades for double-taking beauty at your next big event." - BH Website
With a beautiful mix of neutrals & brights, you can create an infinite number of perfect party looks for day or night. I'm so excited to be giving this away!! So, without further ado, here's what you need to do to win (open internationally):

1. LIKE BH Cosmetics on Facebook (mandatory)
2. Join & Follow Me (mandatory)
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That's it! Just use the Rafflecopter form to enter! Go! Go! GO!

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