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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Video Tutorial - Color Your Waterline

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Here's the video tutorial for my Driftwood look. I know, I know. TWO tutorials in ONE week! Y'all are probably like this right now:

Well, actually. Let's not be TOO modest. Probably more along the lines of this, am I right?


All demure modesty aside (lets be real, I had a lot of unused .gifs lying around that needed an audience), a lot of people were in fact actually wondering how I got that bright pop of blue on my waterline in my Driftwood look:

I had a lot of questions about what eyeliner it was and where they could buy it. Well, the secret is officially out. It's not actually eyeliner. I used a combination of eyeshadow products to create the illusion of baby blue eyeliner and now you can too! In fact, you can make your waterline  any color you want  - this video will show you my nifty trick, complete with suggestions on how to best compliment your eye color.

I apologize for the crappy lighting. Parts of the video are really over exposed so the colors are washed out a lot but there's not much I can do about it now without compromising the quality of the video. Nevertheless, I hope you find the video helpful and/or useful. I hope to be doing a few new looks soon, and I'll be posting a tutorial on dying your hair temporarily with chalk so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and check back often for updates! Have an awesome weekend!

1 comment: