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Monday, 6 February 2012

Spring into Color Series with Faux Lashes - Sodalite

The third installment of my spring/summer color series is one I think everyone's going to like. Blue, beautiful blue. Sodalite Blue to be precise. If you are like me you're probably thinking ... Ahhh, yesssss. Good ol' sodalite ... wait. Wtf IS Sodalite?? Well, despite the misleading name, it's not a diet carbonated beverage, it's this. Take it away, Wikipedia:
"Sodalite is a rich royal blue mineral widely enjoyed as an ornamental gemstone. Although massive sodalite samples are opaque, crystals are usually transparent to translucent. Sodalite is a member of the sodalite group with hauyne, nosean, lazurite and tugtupite." - Thanks, wikipedia!
This is not to be confused with the following image, which is a picture of my eye. Anyways, for less information on rocks and minerals, and more information on how you can get this beautiful gemstone inspired look, read on to see the rest of the post!

The best part about Sodalite blue is that it's such a universal dependable color. Its tranquil, calming nature is well associated with the pleasantries of warmer weather like blue skies and ocean breezes. This classic color is a standard staple in many wardrobes, but people are much more hesitant about working blues into their makeup collection. When worn incorrectly blue can look garish, gaudy and won't do your natural beauty any favors. However, when mastered it can have a stunning effect, particularly for those blessed with brown eyes. This post will show one example of how to avoid awful 80's eyes and achieve an updated, modern look that's flattering and fresh.

This is a technique I learned from Illamasqua called the Sophie-I. Now, despite the fancy name it's really just a monochrome cut crease but it does have incredible impact. Illamasqua suggested doing this in black and white but I thought why not tone down the drama and do it in this gorgeous royal blue/navy palette to make it more appropriate for spring. 

Blue can be hard to work with because it competes with lots of other colors. Sticking with a barely there base color on your lid and adding neutral highlights keeps things classy. For the rest of the face, a light pink lip and bronzer for blush keeps everything appropriately subdued. I also adapted the original Illamasqua tutorial by not bringing the black liner all the way in to the tear duct. This makes the look a lot lighter and better for daytime wear. 

The strongest feature of this style is that it highlights your natural eye-shape. This is great look for almond eyes or round eyes, for example. However it is harder to work with if you have hooded lids or monolid eyes. If this is the case, you may have to draw this above your crease to get the same shape.

Here's my tutorial on how to try this technique. It's fairly simple and it doesn't require a lot of product, just tons of blending.


This look was accompanied by the wispy, Chloe lashes from Faux. These are from the Tres Chic family of lashes and they are chic indeed. Chic, cheap (only $10.00) and oh so cute. They add the kind of lashes that mascara claims to give you, lots of volume, length and curl without being overly dramatic. When you're wearing a dynamic look like this Inverted Sophie-I, let the lashes augment your eyes without overpowering this already powerful look.

Pigments & Palettes fashion correspondent, Jess of My Haute Habit
Finally, Jess of My Haute Habit created a beautiful blue inspiration board for Sodalite. 
It's Soda-lightful! (Badumchhh)

That's it. Enjoy your blue-tiful new looks! See you guys in my next post,


  1. I love your style.. beautiful..

  2. I love your style.. beautiful..

  3. I love your style.. beautiful..

  4. I love your style.. beautiful..