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Monday, 27 February 2012

Spring into Color Series with Faux Lashes - Cockatoo

Today's Spring/Summer trendy shade is a tantalizing teal color called Cockatoo:



Don't ask me why in the world this color is called Cockatoo, considering the last time I checked Cockatoos weren't teal, but what do I know? However, I can confirm that this color is gorgeous and is one of the few colors I can actually pull off in my wardrobe so I'm all about this one - crazy name or not. Evocative of palettes from the 1970's, this previously outdated (think Grandma's dishes and/or wallpaper) has come full circle and is totally chic again.


For this look, I decided to use Faux Lash's beautiful BIANCA lashes from their Luxe collection. A combination of black and brown crisscross lashes gives lots of flare without looking fake. To me, these are a more toned down version of the SASHA lashes I was raving on about earlier - so if those were too much for you try these ones instead. I'm positive you won't be dissapointed. Here's what the fabulous people at Faux have to say about them.

"The Bianca lash is the perfect final touch to your Saturday night smoky eye. The black and brown strands create multiple layers of depth and volume. These are sure to get you on the VIP list." - FauxLash
These lashes have a gradual curve to them and are longest in the middle section of the lashes. For this reason, these would be great for making your eyes look bigger rather than longer - so I would recommend these for people looking to achieve a more wide eyed appearance. I don't have this problem myself thanks to my ginormous peepers, but I still like wearing them for daytime when I want a more subtle look than some of the other lashes in the collection. If you want these lashes but without the brown undertones, try the ALEXIA lashes instead.

Okay, so this look was totally inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest (This is my account - follow me!) of Padmita's inverse gradient makeup. 

Traditional makeup tends to stick to the same sort of formula every time: Light color on the inner corner, bright color on the lid and a dark color for crease definition on the outside of the eye. Well Padmita inspired me to try switching the bright pop of color to the inside of my eye for instant impact and putting the highlight on the middle of the lid. 

It's so unexpected (and admittedly, not for everyone) but if you're a natural born rule breaker, why not try something a little on the wild side? I of course had to put Cockatoo front and center because a color like this simply demands it!

For the rest of the face, I had some fun with peachy coral colors that contrast the cool teals and compliment the warm golden browns of the eyes. On my lips I have Perpetual Peach by L'Oreal Paris and a coral colored blush from Coastal Scents 26 Blush & Eyeshadow Palette. It's such a well balanced look with lots of color that feels very fresh and summery without being overwhelming. What do you think?

I also couldn't resist some 70's styling, as an homage to Ella Moss's beautiful sketches. Love those retro earrings!


I have to say that this image board is my favorite of all the ones that Jess of My Haute Habit put together for this series. I love the dress and I agree, I think pairing this with nude accessories really lets the color shine on its own merits. Who wouldn't want to rock this super chic mini?

That's it for today's post. We're in the final stretch of this series so hopefully I can blow you away with the final few looks ....


  1. Gorgeous! Love the colours :)

  2. you are gorgeous Meredith!! I love this look and the lashes are AMAZING!!!!!! I want them so bad!!