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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Anastasia Beverley Hills Looks, Review & Swatches

Today's post is a review of all the products in my $400.00 Anastasia Giveaway sent to me by a company called Anastasia Beverley Hills. 
"For years, Anastasia has shaped the brows of Hollywood's elite in her Beverly Hills Salon. Now she brings her brow products to you. She's created her signature line to help you achieve beautiful Anastasia brows at home." - ABH

The company obviously specializes in brow products, but they sell all kinds of cosmetics, kits, tools and brushes. The company was incredibly generous and sent me four themed beauty boxes so I could sample a little bit of everything their site offers. Each box contained three of their products and I'm pleased to be reviewing these for you today. I'd never heard of Anastasia Beverley Hills before they contacted me but now that I've had a taste of their luxury products, my goodness, was I ever missing out! Read on to find out more about these products and how you can win everything you see here!

Look #1 - Let Your Eyes Do the Talking & Brow Rehab

This look was done using products from the two beauty boxes: Let Your Eyes Do the Talking & Brow Rehab. The products in these boxes worked together perfectly to create this stunning, romantic, colorful look. See for yourself!

Lashes: Violet Noir from Faux Lashes

Illumin8 Eyeshadow Palette in 'Carnival' ($40.00): This palette is the prettiest mix of purples and greens with the most gorgeous champagne highlight. Each shadow can be applied wet or dry for varying levels of drama. The best part is that these colors are fun and bright but still totally wearable. Though the company specializes in brow products, these eye shadows are incredibly high quality, rich, smooth, pigmented and easy to apply. Luxury, luxury, luxury. I would highly recommend this palette for ladies with brown or green eyes.

Hydrafull Gloss in 'Barely' ($21.00): This lip gloss stays true to its name. Though it does have a peachy pink pigment to it, Barely is more of a barely there finishing gloss than an actual color, at least on my lips. If you don't like the color of your lips already, you'll probably want to apply this over your favorite day time lipstick. The gloss stays put for long-lasting moisturizing wear so its great to throw in your bag and reapply once or twice throughout the day. The only thing I don't like is the plastic-stick applicator. You definitely need a brush or a clean finger to properly apply the gloss.

Illumin8 Bronzer in 'Sun Kissed' ($29.00): For a melanin challenged girl like myself, this bronzer is a lifesaver. I typically stay away from bronzers because of their nasty orange undertones and tendency to make me look oompa-loompaish. No such worries with Sun Kissed. One swipe does the same thing as a whole afternoon in the sun. No unnatural orangeness, just a soft, suede shade. I'm fairly fair however, so darker skinned wearers may need the darker Illumin8 bronzer in 'Bronzed'. However, as far as the quality goes - I'm never touching my nasty Rimmel bronzer ever again, now that I know what real quality looks and feels like.

Brow Wiz ($21.00): This thing is the wonderful wizard of brows for sure. Anastasia is known for her brow products so I had high expectations for this product - and they were certainly met. The soft brown pencil applies very lightly, so even if you have a heavy hand it's hard to over apply. The fine tip also makes it easy to get right in between individual hairs and fill in any bald brow spots. To tidy up at the end, the pencil comes with a fine toothed stiff comb for setting your brows that's SO much nicer than any other brow brush I've ever used. My only complaint was that my pencil was broken when I opened it so I lost a bit of product but what I do still have is working wonders. I've never been able to achieve such precision before, and I've never had such realistic looking penciled brows either. If you are like me and are lacking in the brow area - you should probably already be ordering this right now.

Brow Fix ($21.00): Fly-aways, be gone! This soft, tacky wax allows you to set your now perfect brows exactly how you want them without any worries about what might happen to them when you leave the house. Once you run this through your brows, they will have a slightly tacky feel and will probably look a bit wet and waxy. This is when the Brow Wiz brush comes in handy again to brush the wax through and make your brows bushy and beautiful again - only this time they won't budge!

Look #2 - Highlight Like a Pro & Bronzed Is Beautiful

This look was done using products from the two beauty boxes: Highlight Like A Pro & Bronzed is Beautiful. The products in these boxes worked together perfectly to create a flawless skin that radiates with a natural glow. Warning: Be prepared to receive a lot of compliments on your complexion.

Highlighting Cream Duo ($26.00) - This compact container packs a 1, 2 punch of gorgeous tinted concealer and a beautiful barbie pink creme blush. Twist the bottom off to get to the nude colored highlighting creme. To use, mix a dab of the highlighting cream into your favorite foundation and apply to any part of your face that you want to feature. The cream has micro-flecks of gold pigment that reflect light so your skin literally glows and shines in the sun. 

After the creme has set, rub the tiniest bit of the pink cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks for a dainty, dewy doll-like glow. You can tell when you touch it that this stuff is really nice quality. It also applies so evenly on your skin so it's great for layering, no garish pink streaks.

Illumin8 Bronzer in 'Sun Kissed' ($29.00) - See above review; Set your cream with this beautiful bronzer to add a hint of summer sun on your face

Illumin8 Eyeshadow Duo in 'On Set' ($23.00) - These two shimmery nude shadows glide on effortlessly and give your eyes a gorgeous natural glow. The pigmentation is a bit more on the orange/tan side so they are perfect for blue eyes like mine but are still subtle enough that they would look stunning on pretty much any skin tone. Two shadows isn't quite enough for a complete look (at least not for a shadow junkie like me), but these are beautiful shades that are perfect for subtle, chic daytime looks. If you want to amp up the drama, apply them wet or with foil and mix in some of your own dark browns for a sultry smokey summery look.

Hydrafull Gloss in 'Moi' ($21.00): Much like 'Barely', 'Moi' is a very light gloss that is more shine than color. However, it is slightly more pigmented and has a peachy hint to it. When I tested it, the gloss lasted for about three hours without reapplication, and kept my lips locked with moisture even in harsh, dry Canadian winter weather. Like I said before - you'll probably want to carry a brush for application because the paddles they come with are awkward to work with and put too much product in one place. 


 From L-R: Moi Gloss, Barely Gloss, Sun Kissed Bronzer, On Set Duo, Highlighter Blush & Creme


If you want to learn how you can win all the products you've seen here - CLICK HERE - to go to my Anastasia Beverly Hills $400.00 Giveaway. I'm giving away each of these four beauty boxes so there will be four winners. You don't want to miss this! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the review and found it helpful. I wish I had more critical things to say about this brand but honestly, so far my experience has been incredible. The staff has also been nothing but helpful and incredibly generous to boot so I would feel great buying from this line. This brand is straight class and luxury and I'm only upset I didn't know about it sooner. Be sure to check out their official website: to see their full line of products. Talk to you guys soon!


  1. omg you are a sexy bitch!!! you look so gorgeous in that first pic and the products look amazing on you!!

  2. Oh my gosh! That first picture of you is STUNNING!!! Your cheekbones! Your eyes! Your lips! You look incredible! These products really are amazing! I've been enjoying them a lot! I've found the eyeshadow duos to be better than the bigger palettes but they're all so so beautiful!

  3. whhhaaaaat!!! guuuuurl, I be jeallllyyy of you tho'... look at all your beauteous perfection with that porcelain perfect skin and piercing baby blues... shooooooot, even Anastasia of Beverly Hills recognizes the DEALeeyoooo!!!

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  6. You are so prettyy :) I've fallen with love with those products:) what a pity that is not international giveaway ;) hihghtlighter blush is soooooo awesome:) why in Polnad we don't have so incredible cosmetics..ok ok we have some...but not them, I wanna them :) sorry for my english....I hope you undarstand me:]]] I like follow your blog because of your unbelievable talent and that I can make my english better ;))) xox

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  8. kayla sutherland10 January 2012 at 23:05

    Pretty! Great review.

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