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Monday, 23 January 2012

Alter-Ego Collab with UrbanelyDecayed: Beauty is a Beast

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First things first. I recently found out I have a ton of readers from Poland so I want to shout out to them: Dziękuję za przeczytanie mojego bloga. Kocham was wszystkich! (I hope that's right! Blame Google Translate if I accidentally said something offensive) That's so cool that I have such an international following. The internet is a wonderful thing!

Anyways, today's post is in collaboration with Natalie from UrbanelyDecayed and it's a beast of a post. Natalie is someone who I truly admire and respect as an artist so I was incredibly flattered to have been asked to participate in her Alter-ego series. If you've never been to her blog I want you to stop reading immediately and head over there right now ....... okay. You went, right? Is she not one of the most talented bloggers you've ever come across? YES! YES! YES! you are probably saying. Well, that's also what I said when she asked me to create a look for her series. Then, after I said yes, I went into full-blown panic mode: Oh god. Inspiration brain freeze. NOT. GOOD. I had no idea what to do. I had no clue what or who my alter-ego even was. I racked my brain and poured over endless images searching for my inner-other-me but I kept coming up empty.

Eventually, I decided that my alter-ego wasn't necessarily a different persona. I started to think of it as the fiery force you feel when you're at your most confident, your most unshakably awesome. I knew it had to be bold and bright, because that's how I feel when I'm at my best. That's it, I thought. My best me. My beast me! My inner beauty beast! Behold! Pull back the skin and reveal the beast within a.k.a. "The Beauty is A Beast" ...

For fear of over-explaining it and coming across as cliche, I'm going to try and let the images speak for themselves. There isn't a lot of explanation for what I did anyways, I just did what felt right. It's an allusion to my inner animal, my rainbow of personalities, etc. But if you want to get literal, my alter ego is a really gay zebra. Brilliant.

My sincerest apologies that these are the best shots I could get. My camera's auto-focus took the day off so everything turned out fuzzy when I uploaded them to my computer. Unfortunately the makeup took 4 hours to do and an hour to get off so I couldn't re-do for another shoot. I hope you guys still like the final product. This was my first time working with Liquid Latex which proved quite tricky, so there is definitely room for improvement if I ever redid it. But all in all I'd say I'm satisfied with what I created. I want to redo something like this for Halloween this year.

Here are some other looks in the series so far, click the pictures to visit these talented beauties' blogs for more pictures of their alter-egos.

If you want to see the rest of the looks coming up in the series, please subscribe to Natalie's blog for the stunning conclusion. You won't want to miss what Natalie has come up with, TRUST me.

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