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Monday, 9 January 2012

$400.00 Anastasia Giveaway - Four Winners!

I'm SO thrilled to be bringing this post to you guys today. I'm partnering with Anastasia Beverly Hills, a high class luxury beauty company, to host this incredible giveaway. We will be giving away FOUR (yes, you read that correctly) prize packs, each worth a retail value of about $100.00. That's $400.00 in giveaway prizes to be won by you, and four chances to win! I will be reviewing all of the products you see here as well, and doing looks inspired by and with the products in the coming weeks as I promote the giveaway. So, now on to the good stuff - click the jump to see what you could win!

A neutral lip and bold eyes are sure to stun on any occasion. Play up one of your best features with a powerful pop of color from the Illumin8 palette in Carnival ($40). Finish your look with a Sun Kissed glow from Illumin8 Bronzer ($29) and a glossy nude lip with Hydrafull gloss in Barely ($21).

A neutral lip and bronzy eyes are always in style. As an alternative to a smokey eye, amp up your evening look with a bold metallic bronze ($23). Finish with a Sun Kissed glow from Illumin8 Bronzer ($29) and a glossy, nude lip with Hydrafull Gloss in Moi ($21)

Any makeup artist knows the secret to any flawless face is a radiant glow! Highlighting Creme Duo in St. Tropez ($26), Illumin8 Duo in On Set ($23) and Hydrafull Gloss in Moi ($21) are the perfect set to give your look that sexy shimmer, anytime.

The essential kit to rehab sparse and over-tweezed brows step-by-step. First use Brow Enhancing Serum ($45) to encourage brow hair growth. Next, use Brow Wiz ($21) to fill and define your brows. Finally, finish your look by setting your brows in place by using Brow Fix ($21). Perfect brows are now as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Giveaway Rules & Requirements

1.  U.S. Residents Only
[Sorry friends, I'll do my own international giveaway soon!]

2. You MUST be a follower of this blog:
Leave your GFC name & valid e-mail in the comment so I can contact winners

3. You MUST "Like" Anastasia Beverly Hills on Facebook

4. List your preference of prizes if you have one. I can't guarantee your top choice but I will do my best!

Optional/Extra Entries
1. Reblog this giveaway & leave a link to your post in the comment (+10)
2. Leave a link to this giveaway in your sidebar (+5)
3. Follow Pigments & Palettes on Facebook (+5)

Please only leave ONE comment with all your information and any extra entries you have completed. All winning entries will be checked to confirm they have met requirements. If you are not comfortable leaving your contact information here, please e-mail it to me at under the title Anastasia Giveaway Entry Submission. Four separate winners will be chosen using and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize!

Contest ends: February 11th

Want to know more about Anastasia Beverly Hills? Watch this Pixiwoo Review and prepare to swoon!


  1. 1. Gwinda Dennard
    2. Liked!
    3. Highlight Like A Pro, but it doesn't matter to me.

    I already follow Pigments and Palettes on FB. =)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. gfc dumitru9catalina
    liked both pages with kaiyo aino name
    i love all the prizes!!

  3. Hi!
    GFC name: Mrs K
    Liked anastasia and followed pigments and palettes under Nisa Abdul.
    Brow wiz and brow enhancing serum please!
    Thank You!!
    Good luck to everyone!

  4. GFC: Toshia Thrall
    Email: toshiam[at]gmail[dot]com
    I "like" both pages on facebook under Toshia Marlin Thrall.
    I do not have a preference.
    I blogged about your giveaway here

  5. Georgia Lillian / Enchanted
    liked, liked, posted and side barred ;)
    Preference eyes or highlighter :)

    Can't resist a good giveaway ;)
    Hope it all goes well! xxx

  6. Emilee Frederickson9 January 2012 at 18:15

    GFC: missfabulousx
    Facebook name: Emilee Frederickson (I like both Anastasia Beverly Hills and Pigments and Palettes)
    Blog post:
    Prize Preference: Bronzed is Beautiful

  7. GFC: chaya bunny
    EMail: vivienne.emmerich AT gmail DOT com
    Liked Anastasia Beverly Hills on Facebook: Bunny Jones
    Preference: Honestly, I'd be happy with any! ^^

    Blog Entry:
    Liked Pigments & Palettes on Facebook: Bunny Jones

  8. Nice giveaway! I'm not entering but those 4 winners are lucky ladies!

  9. amazing giveaway!!
    GFC: Amanda B

  10. Johnnett Nettiema Taylor9 January 2012 at 19:37

    Liked the Anastasia Beverly Hills FB Page
    Following P & P on Facebook (Johnnett T-Moreno)
    I wouldnt mind any of the products I would just be happy to win but I really like the highlight like a pro =)
    Blog post link:

  11. Amazing giveaway!
    GFC: D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) Email:
    Liked Anastasia on FB as dgsbeauty
    I love "Let your eyes do the talking"
    I also liked your FB as dgsbeauty.


  12. gfc: heartbreak Incarnate
    liked name is valerie jeanine santos
    email :

  13. GFC: Tiffany
    tiffanyaull923 [at] att [dot] net

    Preference: Let your eyes do the talking

    Posted in sidebar:

    Liked Anastasia & Pigments&palettes on FB: Tiffany Aull

  14. Amazingly Awesome giveaway! I have wanted to try from this line but haven't since its a bit on the pricey side. It all look so good though!

    I liked: Miranda Lamb
    sidebar of my blog:
    If I had to choose one it would be Let your eyes do the talking but I would be ecstatic with any of these! =)

  15. 1. Angie @
    2. Done!
    3. If I had to pick, I would pick the brow one.

    And I'm an avid follower of your FB page under Angie Bermudez....that's me!

    Awesome giveaway Meredith! Am I a little jealous? Maybe, but you totally deserve it!

  16. Wow! What a giveaway!

    My GFC name is Jasmine Nelson and my email address is
    I liked on facebook (for both Anastasia and yourself) : Jasmine Marie Ewing
    I would love either the Eyes or Highlight prizes!

  17. Hi there I follow by GFC 99Raina99
    email:raina99 at hotmail dot com

    I liked Anastasia Beverly Hills FB and yours of course.

    I posted on my blog:

    I am jonesing for the Bronzed is Beautiful Kit or the Highlight like a Pro Kit. Awesome giveaway!
    Thanks Meredith and thank you to Anastasia Beverly Hills :)

  18. I follow as 99Raina99
    Email: raina99 at hotmail dot com

    I liked Anastasia Beverly Hill FB and yours of course.

    I posted on my blogged:

    I love either the Bronzed is Beautiful Kit or the Highlight like a Pro Kit.
    Awesome giveaway!! Thanks Meredith Jessica and Anastsia Beverly Hills! :)

  19. kayla sutherland9 January 2012 at 21:33

    I like let your eyes do the talking or no brows no problem. All of these products look so great who ever wins is gonna be so lucky!

    GFC SheerBeauty (Kayla)
    I also liked you on facebook - Kayla Sutherland
    And I also linked this giveaway in my side bar :)

  20. Thank you for this incredible giveaway! I would love the Brows Kit. I have been waiting over a year for the singed-off tail of my right eyebrow to come back. :(

    GFC: BooBooNinja
    I like the Anastasia FB page,
    and I already like the Pigments & Palettes FB page.

    I'm emailing you with my email and FB name.

  21. Awesome giveaway Meredith! I´m already your reader, and I also followed you and Anastasia on Facebook :)

    Mari-Liis from Obsessed with vanity;

  22. Wow this is so awesome :)

    GFC: Pooja_G


    Liked Anastasia on FB: Pooja Ganguly

    I would love to win the HIGHLIGHT LIKE A PRO KIT ...errr..I liked all of them actually :)

    Liked P&P on FB: Pooja Ganguly


  23. join :)

    I followed all the rules and requirements
    and all the extra entries rules :)

    GFC Name: Celine

  24. Thanks so much for the super awesome giveaway! I'd love the 'Let Your Eyes Do the Talking' or 'Highlight Like a Pro' kit. :D

    GFC: Destinee
    Liked 'Anastasia' on FB via: Destinee Lowman

    Linked in sidebar:
    Liked 'Pigments & Palettes' on FB via: Same name as above

  25. Really cool giveaway!
    Name: Dania
    GCF: Miami Nails On The Cheap
    Facebook: Dania Cioffi
    Liked Anastasia Beverly Hills and Pigments & Palettes.

  26. GFC: Kawaii Barbie
    Preference: Let your eyes do the talking
    Facebook Liked on Pigments & Palettes and Anastasia Beverly Hills: Browning Cha
    Sidebar post:

  27. gfc: xyoulovekarlene
    fb: karlene shamir
    no preference!

    xyoulovekarlene at gmail dot com


    -GFC: Ronnie M
    -FB: Veronica Medeiros
    -Preference: "No, Brows? No Problem"
    -I follow your FB (duh).
    -I also added an image link on my side bar, and mentioned the giveaway here:


  29. gfc lucy
    liked Anastasia Beverly Hills on Facebook with the name Lucia Vlad
    email myr3ilka[at]yahoo[dot]com
    i love all prizes, thanks for the giveaway!

  30. if this amazing giveaway is international then please count my entry too I would to win it =)
    GFC: Nida Moughal
    Facebook like pigment& palettes under the name: Nida Moughal
    Facebook like Ansatasia beverly hills unter name: Nida Moughal

    Price preference
    1 Bronzed is beautiful
    2 Highlight like a pro
    3 Let your eyes do the talking
    4 No brows!
    with love <3

  31. 1. GFC Follower: shasha
    Email: laurensianatasha (at)gmail (dot) com

    2. Like Anastasia Beverly Hills on FB: Natasha L.
    3. Preference: Bronzed is beautiful
    4. Sidebar link:
    3. Follow Pigments & Palettes on Facebook: Natasha L.

  32. 1.GFC: Miss L
    email: beautybymissl (at)
    2. Liked Anastasia Beverly Hills on FB: Leelo Rohtmets
    3. Preference: Bronzed is beautiful

    2. Sidebar:
    3. Followed Pigments & Palettes on FB: Leelo Rohtmets

  33. Seana Monahan
    Facebook Name: Seana Monahan

    Preference: Let Your Eye Do The Talking


  34. Silviya (ZoneSilva)
    FB: Silviya Neftyanova
    Like Anastasia Beverly Hills on FB
    Follow you on FB

    Price preference: Let your eyes Do the talking

  35. 1. GFC - NJDunson
    Email -
    2. Liked Anastasia on FaceBook
    3. Preference - Let your eyes do the talking
    Extra. I already follow you on FaceBook!!

  36. GFC : Deea
    FB: Iacob Andreea

    Preference - Let your eyes Do the talking

  37. Halifax juan_hurrican(at)
    Like Anastasia on FB
    I like Let your Eyes do the talking set
    Like you on FB


  39. Hi, thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    GFC; marilena maftei
    Liked Anastasia Beverly Hills on FB: maftei marilena
    Email: mary_len25 at yahoo dot com
    Prize preference: Let your eyes Do the talking or Bronzed is Beautiful
    Like you on FB: marilena maftei

  40. Great giveaway x

    Email -
    GFC - Too much make up not enough sleep
    preference - I love the no eyebrows no problem :)
    Liked you on Fb


  41. NICE! Thanks
    Follow You and Anastisia on Facebook: Marie-Eve Lahaie
    Preference: Let your eyes do the talking
    Thanks again!

  42. my GFC name is misdawn. (My email is
    I am already a fan of P&P on facebook.
    Liked Anastasia on fb.
    And if I could choose which prize, I would choose Highlight Like a Pro.

  43. gfc: daniela dodel
    liked anastacia on fb under the name Daniela Dodel
    preference: bronzed is beautiful
    thank you so much for this giveaway
    dani ♥

  44. Wow, great giveaway! Thank you!
    GFC follower: Jax
    Email: jax.carter(at)gmail(dot)com
    Following Anastasia and You on Facebook: Jackie Carter
    Blog sidebar:
    Preference: Let Your Eyes Do The Talking or Highlight Like A Pro

  45. Hi!

    I like the "Highlight Like A Pro" option. My GFC and Facebook name are Nicole Bermeo. I liked your Pigments & Palettes page for an additional 5 entries. My email is

  46. I prefer bronzed is beautiful option.
    GFC: preciouspearl
    email: preciouspearlmakeup at gmail dot com

    FB: Precious Pearl (liked both Pigments and Palettes & Anastasia)

  47. GFC: Linda R
    e-mail: lyromero77 at gmail dot com
    Like both on Facebook: Charming Linda
    blog sidebar:
    preference: let your eyes do the talking

  48. GFC: Lilmisscutie284
    fb: Etty Alkhabbaz, liked Anastasia and Pigments and Palettes
    I would really like Let You Eyes Do the Talking, but they all look so nice, thanks for the giveaway!

  49. GFC: Applesin
    Facebook: I liked Anastasia & Pigments and Palettes (as Jaqi Moon)

    I think the 'Let your Eyes do the Talking' set strikes a chord with me. Reminds me of something someone said to me once about my eyes being the most expressive thing about me :) I also really like the Brow Set. Thank-You so much for offering up such a SWEET giveaway!

  50. This is sooo awesome!! I've hear wonderful reviews about this brand, but it isn't available over here :D you know i'm from Mexico, but I have an USA address too :)

    1. Adriana Gastelum
    2. Liked Anastasia on facebook!
    3. Let your eyes do the talking, but I love all the sets :)
    4. Liked Pigments and Palettes on facebook :)

  51. Awesome give away :) Thank you so much!
    GFC: DalaLuz, mail lucia at erickerns dot com, facebook Dala Luz (liked both pages) and my list would be 1) let your eyes do the talking 2) bronzed is beautiful 3) highlight as a pro, and 4) no brows no problem

  52. GFC: Cindy
    e-mail: cnk.midori at
    Following and liked Facebook

  53. GFC: Monique
    e-mail: moniquehasana at
    loving you on FB as Monique
    I like the Highlight like a pro

    Thank you and Happy New Years

  54. I am also loving you on FB as Monique Jones

  55. GFC: xxjenadanxx
    email:starbehindthescenes at
    liked you on fb as Jennifer Daniell
    and my favorite is Let Your Eyes Do the Talking, followed by No Brows, No Problem. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  56. amaaaaazing prizes!!!! yes please enter meeeee!!!
    GFC: Maryam Maquillage
    1. Eyes
    2. Bronze
    3. Highlight
    4. Brows

  57. 1. Arabelle
    2. Liked both Anastasia and your blog :)

  58. gfc: marla

    liked anastasia: MARLA RAMIREZ
    liked pigments & palettes: MARLA RAMIREZ


  59. GFC: Michelle
    Liked both you and Anastasia under this name (hooray for FB linkage!), also linked on my Facebook.

    My favorite is Let Your Eyes Do the Talking, but they're all pretty awesome!

  60. GFC:Jennifer
    Anything for my eyes! I'm obsessed with eyeshadows and pigments!

  61. New follower here....found you from Sonja' blog.
    GFC - ckauffman
    Email -
    Liked Anastasia on Facebook
    Following Pigments and Palettes on Facebook
    Would love "Let your eyes do the talking", but all look wonderful.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!


  62. GFC: jess

  63. Megan (megphilips(@)
    Liked Anastasia on FB and already follow your blog.
    Highlighter // Brows

  64. Liked your blog on FB, as well.

  65. GFC: Denise
    already like both pages on FB.
    Prefer bronzed is beautiful
    link on links page and sidebar

  66. GFC: Graziela -
    Like both you and Anastasia on facebook :)

    Highlight like a pro is, Bronzed is Beautiful and Let your Eyes Do The Talking. I would love any of these! Thank you!

  67. GFC -
    email -

    Digging "No Brows, No Problem"

  68. Holy Crap, this is AMAZING!!!!!! I *love* Let Your Eyes Do the Talking!

    GFC: Shanna :)


    Like Anastasia on Facebook as well as follow you! Shanna Proctor there.

    Posted about it on my blog :D

    Link on the sidebar on the left, under the fish :D

  69. StephieWefiekins11 January 2012 at 12:46

    GFC: Stephanie-

    Liked Anastasia on Facebook as well as Pigments and Palettes.

    Posted a link in my sidebar

    Loved "No Brows, No Problem"

  70. GFC: Joanne Cuaycong -
    Like Anastasia & Pigments and Palettes at FB
    I would like "No Brows, No Problem"

  71. Thanks for the giveaway!
    GFC: Sarah Crawford
    Anastasia on FB: Sarah Crawford
    Pigments & Palettes on FB: Sarah Crawford

    My preference would be either the Brow set or the Eye set, but I would be happy with anything :)

  72. Hey! I'm a happy follower as "Lissi" on GFC. My email is Lissi4NAA(at)gmail(dot)com. I liked their page and your page on Facebook (my name is Lissette Bakula).

    My preference would be
    #1 - Let Your Eyes Do The Talking
    #2 - Bronzed is Beautiful
    #3 - Highlight Like A Pro
    #4 - No Brows? No Problem

  73. I just wanted to say I'm so glad you covered Lime Crime. I just bought Kaleidoscope in late November, and it's just to die for. I also bought Chinchilla (the gray/lilac lipstick), which is incredible, too!

    As for the contest...

    JKD001 or Jacqueline (Jackie) Dreyer

    Here's my reblog of the contest:

    My preferences are as follows:
    (1) No Brows? No Problem
    (2) Highlight Like A Pro
    (3) Let Your Eyes Do The Talking
    (4) Bronzed Is Beautiful

    Thank you!