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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Today's up and coming Spring/Summer color is a tawny, trendy tan color called Starfish.

Starfish is one of those subtle shades that never goes out of style and is so easy to work into any wardrobe from bohemian beauty to classy conservative. Neutral tones like Starfish also provide the perfect base for all kinds of vibrant, colorful accessories, so you don't have to sacrifice color to wear this tan tone. Pantone's palette suggests pairing Starfish with a teal or tangerine orange accent. I fully support this suggestion, but who says you have to stop there? Try all kinds of awesome accent colors until you settle on one that's just right for you.

Now, I know I just finished yammering on about adding colorful accents over a Starfish base but for my look today I wanted to let Starfish be the *ahem* star of the show. I really wanted to try a spring/summer appropriate smokey eye. Staying away from wintery blues and blacks, this smokey eye is a warm combination of tans, golds and browns that creates instant impact and incredible allure, ESPECIALLY if you have blue eyes. I primarily used Starfish as the middle & highlighting colors to give this look a sun kissed warmth while keeping this dark, sexy and sultry.

This look lures in all onlookers with its hypnotic gaze and COMMANDS attention. It goes to show how even a subtle shade like Starfish can have all the drama and panache of a primary color when worn correctly. Believe it or not this look can be donned day or night depending on your comfort level. Most people would probably prefer evening wear when it comes to smokey eyes, but I wore this to an afternoon class and got tons of compliments! So don't be afraid to try a smokey eye before sunset, remember that rules are meant to be broken!

If you're new to the super-smokey style, the trick to avoiding raccoon eyes is a) less is more b) not placing the darkest color any higher than your crease or lower than your lower lashline. Only apply the dark colors right at your lashlines then use a clean brush to blend that color up/downwards. Also, if you have small eyes already this look will make your eyes appear even smaller. That doesn't mean you can't adjust it to your face though; for smaller eyes simply lighten your shadow selection a few shades, depending on the size of your eyes and your skin tone.

I also recommend sticking to a bit of bronzer and a nude lip for this look. Less is more when your eyes are the center of attention already. 

Sasha Lashes from

Oh Sasha. Sasha, sasha, sasha. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! But first, here's what the lovely people at Faux have to say about them.
Our most luxurious lashes. These voluptuous, feathery lashes have a mix of black and dark brown strands that look like pure mink. Ultra plush, fluttery and luxe, these are a definite must-have for any lash addict. The Sasha’s will make you feel like a total bombshell. -
These are the lashes I wish I'd been born with; full flirtatious, not too long, and super natural (supernaturally natural, even). The duo colored black and brown lashes make these so natural you'll have people wondering: are those real?? So if you're follically challenged like me, these are the best bet for getting the gorgeous lashes God forgot to give you. Plus, when wearing a smokey eye, these lashes add much needed volume.

Oh, and did I mention I've already gotten about 16 wears out of these and they still look brand new! A little TLC cleaning the lash band of old glue and you're good to go. If you take care of them, they take care of you. They are the lashes that just keep on giving!

Finally, even if you're not a huge fan of my starry-eyed starfish smokey eye, Jess of My Haute Habit has put together an inspiration image board of ways to work this color in to your wardrobe. Go full Starfish for an ultra-sophisticated monotone look, or switch up some of the accessories with super bright colors for a youthful springtime vibe. A color this versatile can compliment virtually any style.

Be sure to check out Jess's blog for more Spring/Summer '12 style tips! 

Hope you guys liked the look and are excited for the next color collaboration! Happy Spring Shopping!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, you might remember a series I did this past summer inspired by upcoming Fall/Winter fashion. Well, Pantone (the leading authority on all things color) has once again released their research revealing the top ten colors gracing couture catwalks this season and I want you to be the first to see a sneak preview of what everyone will be wearing once the sun comes out. So out with the dark drama of Fall/Winter and in with the bright and bubbly beauty for Spring and Summer 2012!

I have a feeling people will like this punchy palette of brights and pastels. I mean, the first four colors are more or less a muted version of the Burning Heart palette from Sugarpill that everyone loves so much (myself included). Personally, I couldn't be happier with what they've released - one look at my blog and you can see I'm fanatical for the color scheme combination of Cabaret, Solar Power & Tangerine Tango. So, as a salute to both Pantone and Pigments & Palettes, I'm launching into this color series with Cabaret. Because, as life is a Cabaret, darling! Isn't that right, Liza?

Sketch by: Betsey Johston

Who doesn't love a powerful pink? This dynamic sketch is by the incomparable queen of kitsch and color, Ms. Betsey Johnston. Nobody does pink like she does. Cabaret is inspired by floral shades like roses and tulips so it's the perfect color to play with for the fast approaching Valentines Day. I know Valentines Day can be a major bummer for a lot of people, whether your single or seeing someone, but the best cure for the Valentines blues is ... GLITTER! Even if you don't believe in Valentines Day, it's still a fun excuse to paint yourself pink. Well, that's my excuse anyways. So take a look and see how you can incorporate Cabaret into your makeup look:

Violet Noir Lashes from Faux

I'm also thrilled to announce that the folks at Faux Lash: Luxury Lashes for Fancy People have been gracious enough to sponsor this series!! I received my first Faux lashes this Christmas and I've been head over heels in love with the brand ever since. I contacted the company to see if they would be interested in working with me and they agreed to send me lashes for the series so I will be featuring a different pair in every post. How generous!!

This particular look look really came together when I paired the eyes with the Violet Noir Lashes. The pop of purple they add to the look is so stunning and unexpected. No, you're not seeing things - these luxe lashes DO in fact have alternating black and purple lashes. Not only are they gorgeous and fun to wear, they are some of the most durable and high quality lashes I've ever owned AND, easy to apply. The stiff band means an even application each time. I'm literally in love with them; they are the perfect way to add color to any look without being over the top. If this particular style is a bit much for you I still recommend that you check out their full collection. They have lashes for every taste and occasion as you'll see throughout the series

When designing this look I envisioned the eye as the center of a rose, with the petals unfolding outwards in a pink and purple rainbow. And of course, to tip my hat to Ms. Betsey, I wanted to add just a touch (well, a GENEROUS touch) of rainbow glitter to keep the look fun and flirty because that's what Valentines day should be all about. The best part of the glitter (Mirrorball by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) is that its vegan and cruelty free. Even animals need love on Valentines Day.

If you are interested in trying this colorful, cabaret look I've put together a tutorial for how to achieve it. Check it out for yourself! Wear it for some festive fun this Valentines or just because. Either way you'll feel fabulous with your glamorous glittery eyes.


Finally, I'm proud to present the last part of my color series post. For this series I'm ALSO collaborating with an up and coming beauty blogger by the name of Jess who runs My Haute Habit, a blogsite dedicated to sophisticated fashion.  Jess has put together an inspiring image board for each color so you can see the perfect ways to infuse your spring/summer wardrobe with an array of colors. Here's her Cabaret creation - what do you think?:

That's it for today's post. I hope you guys are excited to see the rest of the looks in this collection/collaboration because there are some real stunners! Spread the love this Valentines Day! 

Monday, 23 January 2012

First things first. I recently found out I have a ton of readers from Poland so I want to shout out to them: Dziękuję za przeczytanie mojego bloga. Kocham was wszystkich! (I hope that's right! Blame Google Translate if I accidentally said something offensive) That's so cool that I have such an international following. The internet is a wonderful thing!

Anyways, today's post is in collaboration with Natalie from UrbanelyDecayed and it's a beast of a post. Natalie is someone who I truly admire and respect as an artist so I was incredibly flattered to have been asked to participate in her Alter-ego series. If you've never been to her blog I want you to stop reading immediately and head over there right now ....... okay. You went, right? Is she not one of the most talented bloggers you've ever come across? YES! YES! YES! you are probably saying. Well, that's also what I said when she asked me to create a look for her series. Then, after I said yes, I went into full-blown panic mode: Oh god. Inspiration brain freeze. NOT. GOOD. I had no idea what to do. I had no clue what or who my alter-ego even was. I racked my brain and poured over endless images searching for my inner-other-me but I kept coming up empty.

Eventually, I decided that my alter-ego wasn't necessarily a different persona. I started to think of it as the fiery force you feel when you're at your most confident, your most unshakably awesome. I knew it had to be bold and bright, because that's how I feel when I'm at my best. That's it, I thought. My best me. My beast me! My inner beauty beast! Behold! Pull back the skin and reveal the beast within a.k.a. "The Beauty is A Beast" ...

For fear of over-explaining it and coming across as cliche, I'm going to try and let the images speak for themselves. There isn't a lot of explanation for what I did anyways, I just did what felt right. It's an allusion to my inner animal, my rainbow of personalities, etc. But if you want to get literal, my alter ego is a really gay zebra. Brilliant.

My sincerest apologies that these are the best shots I could get. My camera's auto-focus took the day off so everything turned out fuzzy when I uploaded them to my computer. Unfortunately the makeup took 4 hours to do and an hour to get off so I couldn't re-do for another shoot. I hope you guys still like the final product. This was my first time working with Liquid Latex which proved quite tricky, so there is definitely room for improvement if I ever redid it. But all in all I'd say I'm satisfied with what I created. I want to redo something like this for Halloween this year.

Here are some other looks in the series so far, click the pictures to visit these talented beauties' blogs for more pictures of their alter-egos.

If you want to see the rest of the looks coming up in the series, please subscribe to Natalie's blog for the stunning conclusion. You won't want to miss what Natalie has come up with, TRUST me.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Well, as many of you already know - last night was the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards. I didn't watch because I don't actually have a T.V. but you can bet I was all over the web looking up what the ladies wore on the red-carpet. There were some definite style standouts for me, especially fierce incarnate: SWINTON. But dresses aside, my favorite makeup look of the evening belongs to miss Emma Stone. Emma has been killing it on the red carpet all season and last night was no exception. Her gorgeous gunmetal eyeshadow was the perfect compliment to her gorgeous eggplant colored Lanvin dress. I knew the moment I saw it that I had to try it for myself. I couldn't find any super high quality pictures of it so I did my best to guess at what she wore. Here's what I came up with:

Lashes: Chloe from Faux Lashes

Here's Emma rocking her look on the red carpet:

Now, back to me:

We're basically twins, amirite? Totally. Anyways, all joking aside I did manage to find the product breakdown for what Emma's Makeup Artist used to create this flawless face and stunning smokey feline eye:


  • REVLON PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, REVLON PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup in Nude, CHANEL Powder Blush in Orchid Rose.


  • CHANEL Intense Eye Pencil in Noir, REVLON ColorStay 16H Eyeshadow Quad in Precocious, CHANEL Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir.


  • REVLON ColorBurst Lip Butter in Lollipop.
I also came up with my own inspired version of this look and I've got the tutorial for you guys here if you want to try it out for yourself. This would be lovely for Valentines day or Prom, or even just a night out with friends. Enjoy!!

What other red-carpet looks did you love (or hate)? Let me know!