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Monday, 17 October 2011

Makeupbee & Violent Lips collaboration!

My beautiful Piggie Pals! How are you all? I've missed you terribly. I hate that I'm on a one-post-a-week schedule (thanks to school) but I'm going to make the most of it. I have a BIG post for you today - two looks and a review! Let's get started.
So - I recently received two packages of Violent Lips Lip Tattoos in the mail thanks to Violent Lips & MakeupBee. I had to create two makeup looks inspired the designs that I chose. The two I selected were "Silver Gliterati & The Red Cheetah". 
I have to be totally honest with you - I was really skeptical about how these would turn out/look. I'm going to reserve my full judgement until the end of the post though. First I want you to see the looks & the lips! First off: "Silver Gliteratti"

The first thing I thought of when I saw these lips was "Oh my god, I look like I made out with a disco ball." So, go big or go home right? I call this look "Discoballin' out of control".

I slapped a crapload of glitter on my eyes to match the lips and glued approximately a thousand mini mirrorballs all over my body. It ended up looking more like glamorous chicken pox than tons of tiny discoballs, but whatever. It could still be a fun, last minute Halloween look. Or just go as "Bling Barbie" or something, I don't know. Moving on!

The next lips were The Red Cheetah - which, don't get me started on. These are leopard spots, not cheetah spots BUT ANYWAYS! Here's how The Red Cheetah lips turned out.

Hahahaha. Sorry, those are my boyfriend's lips. Okay, for real this time.

I had to do something ferociously feline on my face to match this pretty kitty kisser - here's what I came up with.

Meow!! This look is Cheshire Cat meets Sigfried and Roy and I LOVE IT. If you wanted to make this look extra dramatic you could draw leopard spots all over your eyes/face. However, being artistically challenged I was pleased with the twenty I managed to do successfully and wasn't about to start pushing my luck by trying any more. Super fun look, really pleased with this one.


Sorry, I know - way harsh. But I always say I'm going to be totally honest with reviews - and I was not in love with these at all. They are great for a halloween gimmick, and they have some fun patterns but I really can't see much use for them outside of costume parties. Plus at $5.00 per/tattoo ($14.95 for 3) they aren't cheap for a few hours of wear (mine lasted two hours w/talking & eating). Here were my main pet-peeves:

1. Not so easy to apply. 
I went through two pairs before I finally got it right - that's why they give you three pairs!

2. I had to do MAJOR surgery on the cut-outs 
I could not just cut on dotted lines to get them to match my natural lips.

3. When I relaxed my lips there was a lot of creasing
My boyfriend also said they felt 'hard' when I kissed him.

4. After about two hours this happened...
My lips friggin' fused together and I couldn't talk!! Total Matrix mouth moment!

Dramatic re-enactment of sticky lips.
Well, all in all I'm glad I got the opportunity to try them because I've always been curious, but I'm filing these under 'not for me'. I'd rather spend the $15.00 on a nice tube of lipstick. But, don't let me be the only opinion you read - fellow QueenBees Kassie and Veronica have also posted reviews so check out what they have to say too!

Happy Monday! See you guys in a week!


  1. Hahah I was always a bit skeptical about how these would work. HOWEVER, the looks you created around these lips are gorgeous, as usual! I always admire your work.

  2. omgg #4 with picture made LOL someone at work just turned and looked at me funny! hahah Anyways I'm definitely passing on these Violent Lips, your looks are GORGEOUS though!

  3. Yeah, my thoughts exactly! I'm not interested in trying these out at all!

    And holy fucking shit with your boyfriends lips! LOL! I literally jumped back from my computer, lol!

    I love your disco ball look! I would wear that eyemakeup out!

  4. I thought these kind of looked cool, but I didn't think they'd be very practical or easy to wear. Shame. I love your purple feline look! Purple brows rock.

  5. i really love this eye look! found your blog through makeupbee, and followed! :)


  6. You are so funny, your posts always crack me up. I love that you put the leopard lips on your boyfriend. I LOVE the look you did to go with the leopard lips! It takes a real artist to think to have the brows fade from purple to pink. Gorgeous!

  7. LOL @ your boyfriends lips. i love how he agreed to do it too haha!! great makeup btw as always! so talented.

  8. great review, & i love both of the looks you did with the lips!! I was a bit confused with your boyfriends lips at first until I read it :P :P

  9. I was sent some Violent Lips, but the instructions were so intimidating that I shoved them in a drawer and forgot about them. Might have to try 'em out!

  10. Cool looks!

  11. omg I absolutely love both looks! I wouldn't wear the full lips on a regular day but on a holiday/special occasion/Halloween i would! (don't think I'd be too happy about the aftermath and process of putting the tattoo on though!) The disco eye look...amazing. I really love that! I am new to your blog and I haven't looked around much as this was one of my first post to view but would you be able to link me to a tutorial(if you have one already) of that disco eye look? I would really appreciate it!

  12. Wow, I love how the lips look! Also, the looks that you created to go with them are fantastic! Unfortunately the lips are not very practical, but you could totally rock them on a special occasion. :) Ty for your honest review!

  13. The second one was my fave among the two. But truth be told I agree with you when you say that this look might be great for a Halloween party or something close to that effect, maybe a party with a motif, but on a typical day/night out, it's kind of a weird looking, hahaha. But you look incredible on the 2nd leopard/cheetah lips :) - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  14. The look Cheshire Cat meets Sigfried and Roy is so cool! I just love it.
    I have to agree with you that those lip tattoos are perfect for halloween and costume parties :)

  15. I love your glitter look darling, and the lip tatoos are perfect for my next costume party... you are gorgeous and always a inspiration!!
    xx milla

  16. XDDDD MJ YOU'RE SO HILARIOUS! Oh ... oh I need to catch my breath.

    (BTW upper lip hair is SO becoming on you.)

    I'm glad you were honest with your reviews, it's a fun idea but it's gimmicky and doesn't last. What I DID like were the looks you created, especially Disco Ballin' Out!

  17. Haha, the boyfriends lips freaked me out for a few seconds! But you look gorgeous, & i'm in love with the purple eyebrows. :)

  18. love love the purple look super cute and of course great technique as always you work is flawless hun ! no doubt

    great post!

  19. HAHAHA I love how you included your boyfriends picture made my day.
    Love the eye looks and the subtle photo shopping of your pupil in the cheetah eye ;)
    The lip tattoos are too wild for me personally. I don't think I would do anything with them which is why I haven't gotten any

  20. I'm so glad I read your post, I take your word on these. I wanted to buy them, knew it was to good to be true. I had a feeling that "Tattoos" on the lips were a bad idea! btw. I was like "WTF!?!?!?" when I saw your boyfriends lips! LMAO!

  21. Great review! I'm glad I didn't try these out, they seem like they're more trouble than they're worth, though they look super cool! I love your disco ballin' look!

  22. you made me laugh with your bf's lippie... ur hilarious! love yah!

  23. redlipsblackhair31 October 2011 at 17:22

    You are sooooo gorgeous Meredeth! Love both looks! Especially Cheshire Cat, I love him so much. I totally lol'd at your Matrix reference!

  24. holy crap love both of these!!!
    So creative and cool!

    - Sydney xo