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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Good Girls Fake It

June 1st! Happy summer y'all! I wanted to celebrate the sunshine by doing a 'fake tan' look. Why? Well, if you're fair skinned and/or tan challenged like me (or just can't afford to hit the tanning salon) you probably suffer the year long winter white curse like I do. Even if you don't, this is a great way to achieve a summery glow without even having to leave your house or risk damaging your skin in the sun. The key to this look is to make it look like you're not wearing any makeup at all, while still using multiple products to shade and highlight your skin to give it dimension and shine. Like so:

If you compare the shades of my face to the shades of my shoulder you can see the difference a little bronzer can make! From pale to perfection!

I've included a black and white comparison picture to give you an idea of where my dark brown bronzers went (under cheekbones, forehead, bridge of nose, neck, perimeter of face) and where I put my peach and gold highlighters (apples of cheeks, above brows, center of lips).

  • Use a gradient of bronzers; 3+ shades to get more natural looking shading
  • Your darkest shade should be 3 shades darker than your natural skin
  • LESS IS MORE! Build the effect gradually to avoid harsh lines and keep lids/lips light
  • Avoid orange based bronzers - you want more golden ticket than oompa loompa!
  • Try a gold highlighter for extra flair and shimmer

I used Coastal Scents 26 Blush Palette to shade my whole face, plus a little bit of Solarbeam Gold Dust from Annabelle as a highlighter. I blended everything out at the end using Revlon's Finishing Powder. So, now it's your turn. I would love to see others' interpretations of the 'less is more' makeup look!


  1. I agree with Meme, this is very helpful!! The black and white picture really shows where the colors should go, Thank you!!