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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Game of Thrones Series: House Stark


Hey friends! Today I'm posting the 3rd look in my GoT series: House Stark. I think it's a little ironic that the house words of the Starks are "Winter is Coming" when it's been so hot the past few days that I can barely peel myself off my mattress in the mornings under the weight of all the humidity. I haven't wanted to put makeup on for fear of my face legitimately melting, wicked witch of the west styles. I feel like this most mornings ...

(c) Hyperbole & a Half

Anyways. It finally cooled down a bit and I managed to put together my next look of the series. This is a really sultry, smokey (but sparkly) black and silver look to emulate the colors of the crest as well as the mysterious, wintery, dark feel of Winterfell where the Starks hail from. Check it out by clicking the pictures to enlarge.

1. Conceal & Prime your eyelids
2. Smudge NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean on inner and outer 1/3 of the eye
3. Blend that out with a pencil brush- up into the crease, past your browline, and under your lower lashes
4. Go over it with a black matte shadown (NYX Black) using a small dome brush
5. Blend out edges with a fluffy blending brush
6. Put NXY Jumbo Pencil in Milk on the middle 3rd of your lid and blend to a light grey
7. Set with a metallic silver shadow
8. Dab vaseline on top of the silver then apply silver craft glitter or cosmetic glitter
9. Re-define your crease with more matte black & blend out with fluffy brush
10. Line upper lashline & lower waterline, add mascara and voila!

Looks kinda like Black Swan makeup??
This look is really dark for me and makes me look really pale so I don't think it's very flattering but I like how dramatic and sultry it is. I envy girls who can pull off ultra-smokey eyes. I end up looking somewhere between a slutty raccoon and Disney villainess. Well, I'm off to spend the whole weekend trying to clean glitter off my makeup counter.

Post, over.

Meredith Jessica


  1. That is so so cool, love it!

  2. Amazing job girl! I love glitter on the eyes! If I could wear glitter everyday i would! Hahaha!

  3. I'm the same! I'm worse than a magpie when it comes to shiny things. If it sparkles, I gotta have it, end of story. And thank you Raven!

  4. Oooh, I LOVE this!! And I don't think you look anything like a slutty raccoon! lol

    I really need to find a way to watch this show!! It totally screams to me!!

  5. I LOVE THIS LOOK ON YOU!!! Absolutly gorgous! Great job! I might have to try it out on myself. :) You did an awesome job!

  6. Kassie, I would be wholeheartedly flattered if you attempted the look and I would love to see pictures of it if you do. It would suit you very well!

  7. This look is awesome! I <3 your blog ^.^

  8. I absolutely love the silver shadow!! You are super talented!! I get so excited when you post up a new look lol

  9. OK first you are gorgeous and sooo creative!!! Your looks are amazing!!! I love your blog!!!!

  10. Wow omg soooo gorgeous!!! Love the glitter, the shaping, the blending- amazing!!!

  11. That is a super beautiful high-fashion-y look, I absolutely adore it. You have fabulous application techniques and congrats on the followers :)

  12. @ Meredith Jessica: Welcome! I'm glad I could help you, this mascara is definitely worth trying! =) Ps. This look is awesome, think it looks great on you!!

  13. Hi Meredith,

    This is yet another amazing look from you. What metallic shadow did you use? Did you wet it? Only reason why I ask is because it contrasts so greatly next to the dark blacks and greys, and when I've tried similar looks, I sometimes struggle making that lid color "pop".

    As always, looking forward to new content from you!

    <3 Jenna

  14. I used a silver Quo eyeshadow from a palette that has since discontinued sadly. It's an amazing thick, but milky silver and I've yet to find a suitable dupe.

    However some tips:
    1. Avoid getting black eyeshadown on middle 1/3 of your eyelid as best as possible.
    2. Apply a white cream base before you apply
    3. Multiple layers of silver/white/silver etc until you have a strong color
    4. The glitter really helps to make it pop, this look was very underwhelming until I added the silver glitter and I think that's where a lot of the contrast came from

    I hope that helps a bit!

  15. It also looks amazing with your eye colour! I would totally wear this out :)

  16. Holy crap!!!! This is amazing!

  17. Thanks, girl! I'm always disappointed when palettes discontinue :( But I suppose that means looking forward to new products, right?!

    The tips were great! I think I'll try the white cream base beforehand.. this may help the colors hold better than a typical neutral base. The glitter REALLY does add, too <3 I love working with glitter but you really need precise hand-eye coordination!

  18. I love your eyes they look so amazing :) I wish I could do make up like that!


  19. Amazing job!!!!

    I loved your blog.

    I'm following. Follow me too:



  20. Wow, what an amazing eyelook!
    You're really talented! Don't you have a Youtube account for your tutorials? You should create one...

    Love your looks and your blog! :)


  21. really pretty