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Monday, 13 June 2011

Featured Artist: Katie Alves' Eyelid Art


First things first. THOSE ARE NOT MY EYES! I'm in the middle of designing a new look for my GoT series but in the meantime I wanted to share this article that was posted in Toronto's newspaper recently of a girl, Katie Alves who has shot to international fame & recognition for her amazing eye art! She started doing it last Halloween and has since graduated to doing very intricate scenes from movies and even just some abstract designs. Reminds me a lot of Claudia's Makeup in some ways, in terms of the amazing artistic ability as well as makeup application. Anyways. Here's the article for you guys if you want to read it. And here are some more of her amazing pictures:

I LOVE how she did her eyelashes to mimic the shadows and the grass!
Lion King's Pride Rock: Look at the detail in the tiny animals!
Alice in Wonderland: All drugstore brand products (apparently). WTF??!

Wow. Just wow. This girl deserves all the respect she gets. What do you guys think of her work? Would you consider it true makeup? She says herself she can't have her eyes open, so it's more like eyelid art. Thoughts? Either way, very very talented. Anyone up for the challenge of trying sometime like this themselves? I know I couldn't even draw/paint this stuff on paper let alone my skin.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and look for my next look to be up in the coming days. I've been really busy working for a wedding decor company and the hours are really nuts so it's been hard for me to do looks and post them. But I will have some INCREDIBLE shots of the most beautiful Romeo & Juliet wedding that we just did recently. I'm going to go eat the leftover cake the bride gave me. Jealous? You should be! Haha. Bye y'all.

Meredith Jessica


  1. Wow, her work is truly amazing! I don't think I could ever do anything like this! Enjoy your cake girlie! So jealous!

  2. That actually looks really awesome!! I would definitely try that but I know I'd fail lol. You should put up the pics from the wedding! Would love to see em :)

  3. Wow!! Those are absolutly amazing! I love the lion king & tangled ones. But they are all wicked!

  4. Wow!! Great post, Katie Alves work is amazing!! Thanks for introducing me to Claudias makeup blog too...she is INCREDIBLE!! Just been checking it out now. Looking forward to your next look and the pics from the wedding :D

  5. wow its unbelievable how much detail she could put on those cool!

  6. Man, and I thought just getting my eyeliner to go on straight was a challenge!!

  7. Oh my! This is truly amazing! what art this is! I'm going to follow your blog ;)

    Wanna follow back?

  8. Oh My Gosh, tho are so amazing, great work. great blog, please check out mine and join

  9. Wooow, that's awesome! She really is talenteeeed! ♥ I'm really impressed.

    And I love YOUR looks as well, they are so nice! I'm a new follower! (:

  10. Thank you so much! :D
    Yeeeah, my food is also the food, because there are so many different things to eat. Believe me... I ate sooooo much and sooo different things... I really didn't feel good after that xDDD But it was worth the stomach ache! ;D And thanks for following! ♥

  11. Hooooly crap O__________O amazing. Simply amazing.

  12. Those are truly amazing and very inspiring!! Thank you for posting this.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your beautiful blog.

    All the best,

  13. That is amazing! I never knew you could do something like that on your eyelids! She's so talented.

    Great blog. New follower. Hope you follow back


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  14. That is amazing!!! :] Gorgeous eyes!! :] Nice blog!