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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rainbow Connection

Today is a blah day. The weather is just grey and awful and I didn't get any sleep last night. Yet rather than sit around in a grumpy mood, I've decided to try and brighten my day (and hopefully yours too) by posting one of my old, but favorite looks that I did this past year. I collaborated on this shoot with a friend of mine Pat Murphy, who is another talented Guelph based photographer who is just the right kind of crazy-enough to indulge my desire to try something a little unconventional. I set about priming my face and eyes as usual, but rather than apply my typical shadow based eye-product, I wanted to experiment with the idea of literally painting your face. I tell people all the time that putting on makeup is like painting on a canvas, except you're using makeup instead of paint. However, the practice of literally painting on your face is a whole other story and presented some unique application challenges. That being said, all challenges aside, we got an incredible shot of the final product. Check it out:

The whole look, right down to the eyeliner was done with paintbrushes and acrylic paints. You can't get the same kinds of blending on your skin with actual paint so we experimented with blending by spritzing the eye makeup with water for this really pretty effect. Definitely worth the skin stains I had for the next few days. It's always fun to try something totally unorthodox and I'm hoping that Pat and I can work together on another equally creative shoot sometime soon. Please check out his Tumblr account if you're so inclined at Kid In The Backrow. He's an awesome guy, very talented, definitely have a look. That's all for me. Have a good one.

Meredith Jessica


  1. this is amazing and i love the name of your blog! so unique! thanks for following my blog as well, hope to see more from you! ;)

  2. Um... this is amazing! Beautifully done and so artistic, but it still looks like makeup. I love it!

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I'm so glad other people dig this look.

  4. This is gorgeous, looks so vibrant on camera too!